Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly...

So, I have always loved Christmas. Not like. Not like a lot. Loved.  I love everything about it. I love first and foremost that it's a birthday celebration for Jesus and really, the whole world. I love the story behind it. I love the magic of it. I love the songs we sing. Both Christian and secular. I love the idea of Santa. I love how excited children get at the fact that Santa is coming! I love the decorations, the lights, the shopping, the gift giving, the fact that humanity tends to suck less during this month. I just love it ALL!

However, it gets harder and harder for me to get into the spirit every year. Mainly, because as I get older, my friends and family get older too. They tend to get "bah humbugish", and therefore, it really kind of brings me down. I try harder with each and every year to force myself into the spirit. Except for this year.

I was ready two days before Thanksgiving. I held off though, for Bee. He's not to big on the holidays. I'm working on him though, ya'll. I normally put up my decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and that was the plan this year too. But, then it dawned on me that the kiddos wouldn't be home until Sunday. We had people over Sunday, but not that it mattered, because I was tired. But I promised we'd do it Monday. I was waiting for the usual groan I expect to hear when discussing Christmas and Christmas decorations, but instead I got two thrilled sounding "yay!!!!!"'s. God Bless the children :)

I have found two allies in the sea of grumblers. My 7 and 10 year old could not be any more thrilled as I am about the impending Christmas season. It made decking the halls last night that much more fun. There was laughing and giggling, and "wow""s and "Preeeety!"'s, and "Oh! Look at this!" heard all night. I think even Bee's mood was uplifted a bit, though he will never admit it.

Finally at 9 o'clock, we were as done as we were going to get for the moment. The kids went to bed and all that was left was the star. Tradition in my family is that the man of the house tops the tree with the star/angel. Bee refused, then grumbled, then I made a fuss and he got up to do it, but our star was too top heavy. I decided that was the straw that broke the camels back and I needed to go to Walmart that very moment and get some things. So I did. I got an Angel, three ornaments (one is my name! Only time of year I find monogrammed things ;) ) a Christmas themed table cloth, sticky hooks for mine and Bee's stocking Christmas Cards, candy canes, and window clings :) Yeah, I'm crazy, I know.

J was already upstairs. She's a "Jehovah Witness", sort of. Since coming to live with us though, she has stopped reading her bible, stopped going to Kingdom Hall, and has gone to a birthday party, a wedding, and a school dance and partied her butt off and thought nary a second on the fact her religion doesn't allow those things. Bee and I have offered to take her to Kingdom Hall and her mother has offered to bring her Bible, but she wants no part of it...yet, hasn't decided if she is celebrating with us. Bee kind of told her she doesn't have a choice.

Anyway, I finished decking the halls, and then Bee and I went to bed. I was so excited for the kids to see the finished result this morning. But then, 5 minutes before I went to wake them up today, the power went out due to the storm :( The older kids will have to wait until after school, but Little Man got to see it right before we left because the power came back on. I called for him to get in the car and he didn't come. I went looking for him and saw him just standing in the living room staring at the Angel. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Nothing! It's just....She's sooooo pretty!" Bless his heart. :)

There is little finishing touches I want to add. Along with a few more ornaments. Grandma Bee doesn't decorate anymore, so she has offered for me to come dig through her stuff and take whatever I want! So, Um. YAY! I took pictures and will post soon...in fact, I invite anyone who reads this to do the same....on December 13th....and check back here on the 13th because it's the....

I've seen this on a few other blogs and now I can join in! I hope you do too because I really like all the Christmasness of Christmas time!!! :)


Amander said...

I love Christmas, too! It's such a special time of year. I was very excited that we got to sing Christmas hymns in church on Sunday :)

Sarah said...

Honestly, little man's comment was priceless, and I love that you have those kiddos to share your joy, Joy! Looking forward to seeing those pictures! :)