Friday, October 1, 2010

It's not you, it's me...honestly.

As many of you know, Bee owns a semi pro football team here in town. This past season was his second season as co-owner. The team him and his friend own is called the Lake Erie Invaders. Now, The Invaders have been around, in some form or another for 9 years. In that 9 years, guys have broken off and formed their own teams and taken some players. One team went on to be really good. The other? Well, not sure if they'll be back next year.
The 2010 season was a season that had great potential. Our team had immense talant. We had the makings of a championship year. Bee could almost feel his championship ring around his finger. Then, in a most anti clamatic way, it all crumbled before our eyes.

Players wouldn't show for practice. Others would show, but wouldn't dress because, Hey, I'm so talanted, I don't need to. Coaching was downright horrible. My word, were the coaches bad. The players would go out with an attidtude like "we're going to lose", and so we would. There were fights on the sidelines, and no one was playing as a team. The owners had a part in it too. Stephen was downright "absent". His body was there, but his heart and mind weren't in it. Bee wrestled with the same issue. His heart wasn't in it, but because neither was Stephen's, he had to at least put his mind in it. He spent so much time on the phone, going here, going there, promising the world and I'll admit it, kissing ass.

Bee likes guys to like him. He wants to be their friend. Honestly, that is one of the qualities I love about him. He is a great, friendly, outgoing guy who will bend over backwards for a friend. Unfortunately, that's also how you get taken advantage of. As for Stephen, I don't blame him for being "absent". His personal situation changed greatly over the off season and he couldn't put into the team what he  had before.

Much like our professional home team, we started the chants of  "next year will be our year!" Bee is friends with a lot of players on the team and a lot were saying that if he stayed with Stephen as a co-owner, they were going to play for other teams. Bee was torn. Pretty much everyone feels the team is "cursed". It's been around 9 years and never has won or been good at anything. In fact, it's kind of the joke team of the league. If he stayed, he'd lose three quarters of his team. If he stayed, brought in Reggie as an extra owner, and just changed the name, he'd only lose about half.

Finally one night, Stephen called him up and they went to dinner to discuss things. Stephen heard Bee's ideas for the team and when he was finished said, "Well, we want different things. I admire that and would never want to keep you from doing what you want. I think they are good ideas too, just not the ones for me. How about if professionally, we go our separate ways. I'll take the Invaders and all it's debit and release you to be debt free, to start something with Reggie.

That is how the Midwest Rams were born.  

We hope to be all that we can be and more. We really hope to bring home that championship ring.

If everything is as good in real life out on the field as it is on paper, we just might be able to do that.

To all my Boys, Git 'em Rams!

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Sarah said...

Best of luck to Bee and his new team!