Thursday, April 29, 2010

31 flavors and 31 smiles!

Last night Baskin Robbins was having their annual .31 cent scoop night. They were also, as with every .31 cent scoop night, donating $100,000.00 to the fallen firefighters fund. I am a huge fan of supporting those who support us (Police, EMS, Firefighters, Soldiers etc), and of buying children's affection via ice cream. I may not be their mom, but I can be cooler than their mom. Ahem. Sorry. Having issues today. I just have to keep reminding myself that A) I don't have to stoop to "her" level, and B) I Won.

So, Bee had to meet with baby momma #1 last night because apparently, the 16 year old was having "emotional issues" and she wanted to talk to him about the best way they could help her as a parenting team. Let me just say this, I have no problem with baby momma #1. She is nice enough, to me, anyway. She and Bee talk strictly about the one thing they still have in common, and that's it. Baby Momma #2 could really take some lessons from her....but I digress. Baby Momma #1 is fine, if not a little whack-a-doo. However, she is whack-a-doo in the free spirited, new-agey kinda way where as Baby Momma #2 is whack-a-doo in the leave-a-rabbit-boiling-on-your-stove kinda way...

So, while Bee was off meeting up with her, I took the kiddo's to go get ice cream! I mean hell, they each got 3 scoops (a treat in our house, for sure!) and I got two and it costs us just a little over $2.00. I got frozen yogurt (Can't do milk), "C" got rainbow sherbet, and Little man got Chocolate. 31 flavors and that kid wants chocolate. I kept telling him, "Look, they have cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, Reese's peanut butter cup! Are you sure you want chocolate?" But he couldn't be swayed. Oh well, gotta admire his conviction :)

While we were there, they had one of the local fire trucks out in the parking lot for this kids to look at. The fireman were very sweet. They gave the kids a personal little "tour" of the firetruck and explained, in detail, which each part did to help put out fires. Then, answered all their questions, let them sit in the drivers seat, play with the siren, and then they got cool treats such as: A hat, a badge sticker, 2 pencils each, a water bottle, and a Frisbee!

We finished our ice creams, went home, and the kids fell asleep in their hats, dreaming of being firefighters :)

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Sarah said...

That was sweet... :) You are a great stepmom!