Monday, April 19, 2010

Let the Chaos Ensue!

Well, it's officially begun. Football season is upon us. Saturday the guys had their first scrimmage of the season. Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. Although, if you ask Bee, it went better than he thought it would so I suppose that's good.

Friday night we were just going to chill at home in our PJ's. Kiddos playing, Bee and I drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade, relaxing in front of the TV. It sounded like a REALLY good idea especially since he had football on Saturday. Then, at ten till 5, my boss offered me 4 baseball tickets, with parking pass, in our suite. I called Bee, and he agreed that while baseball wasn't our favorite sport, the kids would be over the moon about going and it wouldn't cost us anything but time and gas to go down there, so we accepted the tickets. Bee told them to go get dressed because we had a surprise for them, but didn't tell them where we were going. Oh, you should have heard the guesses we had on the way down to the Stadium! We had "Swings N Things", "C"'s most favoritist place to go, we heard "Chuck E Cheese", we heard "Dad's football Practice" and even an "Arizona!".

We were right. The kids WERE over the moon! They were super excited about the game, and even more in awe when they saw where we were sitting. My company has a suite in the mid-level right behind home plate. Normally when at a sporting event, we don't buy them anything because the stadium food is hugely over priced, but they were super excited to see all the food and pop available to them in the suite. Little Man was so excited to be there and didn't stop talking and asking questions about everything. My Boss was there too, and the kids, when they got bored with the game, enjoyed playing with her little girl. All in all, it was a great success! Our team won, but all the talk was centered around the fan sitting in the third row who took a baseball bat to the FACE at about 50mph. The guy was ok, which makes it alright for me to say it was AWESOME! haha! We took two super tired kiddos home, and all four of us went to bed early.

Saturday was Bee's Scrimmage and it was cold. In fact, an hour before the scrimmage it was snowing. Not stick-to-the-ground snow, but snowing none the less. The ball was all over the place. The center couldn't get it off the ground and when he did, it would go way high, or the quarterback couldn't keep it in his hands. We have three quarterbacks. One is hurt (he would most likely be the starter too) the other is a wonderful athlete but I question his intelligence and he doesn't know the plays, and the other knows the plays, shows up at EVERY practice, but isn't the best athlete. Our Offense line was weak and the defense they went up against was small and quick, and oddly enough, hitting harder than our big, beefy, O-Line. Our defense was all over the place too.

That being said, the team we scrimmaged was a pretty good team. They are not the type of team where you would look at them and say "Oh, this win is surely in the bag". Not that you should say that with any team you face, but going in, we knew if we "won", we would have to fight for it and work hard. Also, there were no refs because this was only a scrimmage, and no refs tends to encourage guys to not exactly play by the rules. This was actually the reason why it ended early. Too many fights breaking out and that's not what this is about. Our team wants to play football, not brawl in the streets. Most amusing to me and Bee was the fact that his former Offense Coach from last year (who thought and acted like he was the head coach) who in a surprising turn of events last year, abruptly quit at the end of the season and started his own team, and tried to take all of Bee's players (it actually back fired because a lot of guys weren't going to come back, but as soon as they found out this coach wasn't going to be there, they all came running back...even guys from previous years) showed up to check out what we had going for us. Now, this is not unusual. The scrimmage was posted around the message boards and on facebook. In fact, there were a few other teams who showed up to watch. They came over and talked to Bee and the players on the sidelines. But the funny thing about this former coach of ours, he hid behind the trees on the playground to watch.... hmmm..

Not that I, or my BFF Rose who came along to hang out with me minded that they ended the Scrimmage early. It was 38 degrees out and windy...with a slight drizzle in the air. I couldn't feet my toes or my fingers. We left and met up at a local bar that one of the players aunts works at. We got food, which was good because we were STARVING, and then, we left to meet up with the famed "Tucker" for his birthday celebration. My BFF Rose agreed to come too and even spend the night! I was so excited because she's never spent the night at Bee's with me before. In fact, this was the first time I even have had a friend over! It was fun! We hung out with the kiddos and Tucker and his family, then headed back home where we all crashed out early. The cold weather wore us all out.

Sunday, we all just kinda hung out and chilled. Bee played XBOX and BFF Rose and I cackled, plotted, gossiped, and talked away the day. I eventually took her home around 4pm and stopped over at the family's house to check in on them and get my Letter Jacket from high school that my mom found. I was so happy! I thought that was lost forever! I rarely wore it back in high school because I was really fat and it didn't fit me. I lent it to my sister one winter when she needed a winter coat and never saw it after that. It needs to be washed to get the dog hair and cigarette/pipe smoke smell out of it, but, other than that, it's barely used! I also, while thinking about it, need to get my class ring re sized. I have lost 200lbs since high school and would like to be able to wear my ring again. After I left my parents house, I came back out to Bee's and hung with him and the kiddos. We all went to bed and now here we are, Monday again.

Today, the kids started Latch Key. I was nervous because while the website said fill out the forms and have a check ready blah blah blah, I wasn't sure if we had to call someone and register them or what. I felt weird just showing up, 3/4 of the way into the school year with papers and children, all unannounced like. However, that is how it was to be done. Also, adding to my nervousness was the fact that I told Bee, each child needs a check for $50.00. He sent one check for $50.00. Then, I was planning on walking the kids in, but then thought "What if they don't want me to? What if you aren't supposed to?" So, when "C" asked me, "Are you going in with us, or did you want me to hand in our forms?" and before I could even answer, Little Man piped up, very sternly, "NO! I want her to walk me in to my School!" So, with my warmed heart overflowing, the issued was decided. It's a good thing I went in too. Apparently, parents must bring their children inside and sign them in. Good to know! :)

So, that is how we started our week. It was pleasant until I got to work and the elevators were out and I had to climb three flights of stairs only to find out our computers were down and oh yeah, there's no heat and hasn't been any this weekend. It's all fixed now, but it's still freezing in here. My little space heater is cranked as high as it will go and I still need my blanket....then again, that's every day for me :)

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