Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day


It's April 15th. This means :
~It's pay day
~It's tax day, so I had to pay $9.95 to file online and then another $26.00 to the state of Ohio for my taxes. The second job I had screwed me two years in a row
~My Cell Phone Bill is due
~My Car Payment is due
~My Cable Bill is Due
~My Electric Bill is Due

I had to put gas in my car AND give my apartment complex an extra check due to being a little short last pay when rent was due (not a normal thing for me…this was a rare occasion when something out of my control happened)
Sooo….add all of that up and I am left with a little over a hundred dollars to last me until NEXT pay and that's not counting the fact that I need stuff like shampoo and conditioner from the store and gas for my car until then. Then, my end of the month paycheck is even tighter than this one…

Ugh! I hate being an adult :(

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