Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woeful Wednesday, Indeed!!

My face got huge. by huge, I mean, freaking huge. I was in a LOT of pain. I was considering just going to the med center and paying my $15.00 copay because it would be cheaper than the dentist. However, I was still going to wait it out and see, In the meantime, I was icing my face that was now looking like I was smuggling ping pong balls in my cheek.

My boss saw me like this and freaked out. She told me I needed to go to the Dentist right away. I kept putting her off saying "yeah, yeah. I know" But not really planning on it unless I really had to.

Here's the facts: I knew I needed at least a root canal. Even though my insurance pays 80% (50% of the final crown), 20% of "a lot" is still, "A LOT". I am working with barely enough funds this week to put gas in my car. I can not afford to go to the dentist and pay for the office visit and medicines they will put me on and that's not even including the actual dental work.

Finally, at noon, when my face doubled in size from the morning, she came up to me and told me that I had an appointment at 4:50pm at her dentist. He is our bosses neighbor. He will let me make payments, he's nice, and if I need it, she will foot the bill and I can pay her back. Needless to say, the offer brought me to tears.

So, I wait all day, drive out there (it's half hour from work, but an hour from home). I have HUGE anxiety about the dentist, but seeing as how my face got even bigger, I knew I had to go. He turned out to be SOOOOO nice! Very calming. Very loving (but not in a creepy way). He did an xray and found out that unfortunately, the infection had turned into a cyst and it was HUGE. So huge, that it had already loosened the tooth beyond saving. He was going to have to pull it. I was horrified. I did not want a hole in my mouth! Not to mention, he said the infection was so bad, that it would eat up the Novocaine and he didn't have any nitrous because you have to order ahead for that. He said he would load me up, but it might be uncomfortable but it was too bad to kill the infection and THEN pull the tooth.

So, we went ahead. I was a little uncomfortable, but really, it wasn't too bad. He had to lacerate the cyst and the after effects were painful. He was so sweet. He only charged me $50.00 because I work for his neighbor and even let me post date my check be since it was an emergency. He gave me lots of pain pills and an antibiotic. I had to go get it filled and almost went homicidal on the lady at CVS because it took so long (probably not as long as it felt like because I hurt so bad) and then I had an hour drive home. I took my antibiotic because you need an hour between that and the pain pills.

I finally got home, took a pill, and Bee made me soup and took care of me. He needs to keep an eye on me because I am so allergic to antibiotics and we are trying a new one because the "old stand by" wouldn't be enough.

So, that's my day. I am now due for another pain pill, and I am going bed.

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Sarah said...

Ouch! I am so glad you were able to go, and that your boss cares like that. Hope you feel better soon!