Thursday, April 8, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

So, I love pictures! I always have! Ever since I was young, I have loved looking at pictures, taking them, and having them hung up around me. I guess that comes from the fact that my mom and dad never had "Family Photos" of us done or hanging around the house. In fact, I can only really remember two family photos done and those were like a thousand years ago. Don't get me wrong, my mom and dad took lots of Polaroids of my sister, my brother, and me...but they were put in an album under the hutch or loose in a box. Now, before you start an angry email or letter to my mom, it's not because she didn't care, it's because she is not very artsy fartsy creative. Nor did her mom have any of that stuff up either when she was growing up.

Nowadays, if you were to visit my parents house, they have one small wall with all of us kids's senior pictures up. I think those are also the most current pictures she has of us kids. Ha! My mom just doesn't know how to buy the frames, pick which pictures should go in what frames, and then where and how to hang them on the wall. I'm not mad at her :)

In my apartment, I have tons of pictures up on my wall. Some in frames, some in frames on my end tables, some just taped to my closet door. At my desk at work, I have tons of pictures up as well. In fact, I have become somewhat of a landmark around there. "Ok, so. Go down that hallway until you see the desk with, like, a thousand pictures. You need the office right in front of that cubicle!" Not only do I like pictures of people, but I like scenery pictures too. This blog entry is all about pictures I took that I love! I hope you enjoy!

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