Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woeful Wednesday!

Today is not shaping up to be very good. I have a tooth ache :(

slept all of maybe 45 minutes last night. Poor Bee. I was tossing and turning. Luckily, he has one of those beds that doesn't transfer movement, but he was trying desperately to cuddle me and I was a squirmy worm because nothing was comfortable. He is so cute though. Even in a dead sleep, he will pull me across the bed to make sure we are cuddling while we sleep. He also tells me about 10 times a night just how much he loves me. He's sleeping, which is the funny part, but still, subconsciously knows I am there and wants to tell my subconscious I guess. :)

Anyway, it was a fitful night and today is kicking my butt. I am tired. My face is swollen, it hurts, and I am too low on funds to even consider going to even the med center for relief. I guess it's Tylenol/Ibuprofen for me. I am kind of in a catch 22 because while the Ibuprofen is ideal because it's an anti-inflammatory which will bring the swelling down, which will stop the pain better, I am not really supposed to take it because of the gastric bypass surgery I had back in 2006. It messes with our tummies. However, Tylenol works great for about 20 minutes...then it wears off and doesn't do much for swelling and the swelling is what's really causing the pain. Ugh! I hate this. I swear, if I win the lottery? First thing I do is get ALL of us in to see a dentist! What happened to the days where dental coverage was as important as health insurance? I mean, I remember, they used to allow you to have two insurances. My dad had our dental. Whatever was not covered by his plan, my mom's insurance picked up...they don't allow that anymore. LAME! I mean, I have dental insurance, but it's more like a discount then actual insurance. A Root Canal costs, without coverage, around $3,500.00. Insurance covers half. I still don't have $1,750.00. I realize dental health is important, but if it's between rent/food/child care/gas/electric/gasoline annnd the dentist? Guess whats going to win that fight..

ANYWAY, moving along. We have had a good week thus far. I have managed to cook a home made dinner every night (except Friday and Saturday. But, I did do breakfast and lunch on Saturday). Little Man has been super clingy to me lately. He always wants to be by my side. Ride in my car, and every three seconds he is asking me something or telling me something he has discovered or how to spell something and how many letters is in said word. Last night, he talked to me non-stop from the moment he arrived at Bee's practice and saw me, until the moment he went to bed. I felt bad because while I was trying REALLY hard to not lose my patience with him, my tooth was killing me and my fuse was shorter than usual. However, I think I did a pretty good job at not showing my annoyance.

These are my flowers that Little Man picked just for me!

Kiddos started Latch Key, which they LOVE. I love latch key too. Always something for them to do. Always open and dependable. Plus, the kids are playing, not working, and they get to school on time. I now just dread the summer. Everything is so expensive for one child, let alone two. I have a feeling I am in the wrong business.

Seriously, if I didn't "need" the health insurance, I would totally quit my job and stay at home taking care of kids. I love them. They love me. I am good at babysitting. I could be home for Bee's two as well. Just think, even if I charged $150.00 a week per kid (Most day care's go for around $200.00 depending on age), if I had three kids to watch, I would bring home more than I bring home now. I think that parents get the short end of the stick when it comes to child care. For realsies.

Well, that's really it for now. I think I am going to go down three more Tylenol and hope for the best!

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