Monday, April 26, 2010

And it's Monday again..

The weekend was laid back and low key. Mostly because I was still recovering my my oral surgery. Thursday I went into work for a few hours to tie up some lose ends, but only stayed till about 10:30 or so because I had yet to take a pain pill because I needed to be able to drive, and was hurting pretty bad. So, I left and came home and pretty much was zoned out the rest of the day. Ah, Percocet. You were my friend. Friday, my mouth hurt WAY less, but there was still a ball of infection the size of bouncy ball in my jaw which made me look like Sesame Street's "Guy Smilie", so I took Friday off too. I was tired anyway and had a nagging headache that finally dawned on me was a lack of caffeine. After some coffee, I felt much better.

Friday night, we hung out at home. The kiddos went over to a friends house for a few hours to play and Bee and I just hung around the house. He made me some dinner, and we pretty much vegged out for the rest of the night. The kids came home from playing, ate, watched a little TV and put themselves to bed around 9pm. We followed shortly around 10:30pm.

Saturday was Bee's game. The weather actually was looking promising. I actually thought I might have over-dressed because when we left the house, it was sunny, and bordering on warm (When I say "warm", it was like 70. I'm a freeze baby) We got to the field, and I got set up in the booth to film and it started getting cloudy and a little breezy. By game time, it was roughly 60 degrees. The game started, things looked promising, but then the down pour came, everyone and everything got soaking wet (except me! I was in the booth. Yay me!) and we couldn't keep our hands on the ball. We ended up losing 6-0, but believe me, the other team fought hard for those points and after watching the film, Bee says that the ref's made two incorrect calls that actually would have meant two touchdowns for our team. So, take that as you will. All I know is, we made it there , on time, and with everything we needed to bring, so I did my job! :D

Saturday night we had to take a player home because he got hurt and couldn't drive his car home. So, Bee drove him in his truck and I followed. Then, we left and grabbed pizza and headed home. The kiddo's were exhausted from playing outside, in the rain, so they ate and hit the hay. We stayed up till about midnight or or and then hit the sack ourselves.

Sunday we hung out at home most of the day with the exception of running out to Wal-mart to get little man some shorts and pants because Oh Em Gee, that kid..either wears his pants that are waaaayyy too tight and honestly, I don't know how that can be comfortable, or wears his older step-brothers pants, which are from 2 years ago when he lived there, and who is 4 years older than him, so they fit ok in the waist, but are waaayyy too long and some are just way too big everywhere. Then we hit Best-Buy, stopped at Bee's mom's house to pick up some stuff she had for us, and then home again where we hung out the rest of the night.

All in all, it was a good weekend however, we did get some bad news. One of "C"'s classmates' father was killed during the week. You can read about it here , but basically what happened was, he was driving down Vine Street, at 100+ mph (they think he might have been drunk) and it comes to a "T" intersection, and he kept going, hit the embankment, went air born, and hit the apartment building between the 3rd and 4th stories! Obviously, died instantly, but still a sad loss none the less. His family is certainly in our prayers. :(

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