Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had another really good weekend. Kiddos were off from school on Friday, so Thursday night their Grandparents came and picked them up from school. Later that night, Bee and I went to his practice, then headed home. He was off on Friday, I had to work half day. I was so bummed because it was beautiful out and I didn't want to have to be couped up inside. Bee went golfing with his friends and I reluctantly dragged my butt into work.

Friday afternoon, when I got home, Bee was just walking in the door. Him and his friends stopped for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and he had a few margaritas with his lunch. Couple that with getting up at 6am, and instead of taking the bike out and enjoying they weather, he wanted to nap. So, we went and laid down in the bedroom. He napped. I watched weeds on my laptop. I am not going to lie, the relaxation was nice, but I kinda did want to be out in the 78 degree sunny weather

I woke him up around six and we got ready to go out to the "west side" to see his baby brother's band play. We took the bike and it was a beautiful night. My "BFF Rose" came to the show, along with two of Bee's Team mates. It was soo much fun. I don't know what it is, but I have so much more fun with Bee this time around. I mean, he could make me laugh before, but now, he actually makes me belly laugh. His laugh makes me laugh even harder. I can now rank him as seriously, the 3rd funniest person I know.

The band played great. They had a good time, we had a good time, and before you know it, it was closing time :( Bee and I said our goodbyes and loaded up on the bike. We were on the road for all of 10 minutes when I had to go pee. Twenty minutes later, we found an open IHOP, and stopped there. Talk about G-H-E-T-T-O! And the looks I got? I just wanted to do my business and get out of there! After that, we stopped at this Gyro place, picked up some grub, and headed home. We ate once we got there (amazing Gyros!) and then hit the hay. We laughed because as we were getting in bed, his alarm on his phone went off. It was 4:45am. Time to get up.

Saturday, we slept in. He played some XBOX while I watched WEEDS. He went and picked the kiddo's up while I showered, and then we left for practice. Practice was kinda crappy. 20 players showed up, but it was lopsided. No Quarterback, or other key players to run a practice. It was also SUPER windy and a front was coming through so our 75 degree weather, dropped to 55 degrees quite quickly.

After practice, we headed home to get ready and go to Tucker's house. We bought some beer and headed on over for drinks and hot tub time! Unfortunately, I didn't have my suite, so I hung outside while the boys and kiddos got in the hot tub. Saturday night was a late night as well. So we slept in Sunday morning as well. I was a little bummed because I did want to try and make church. Oh well, maybe next time.

This is how we found Little Man in the back seat once we got home from Tuckers. The Helmet was left in my car from when Bee took a friend of ours to practice on the Bike, but wanted to ride home in the car with me

We got up, the kids ate breakfast while Bee played some Xbox and I watched an episode or two of WEEDS before heading out to my parents house. I was slightly nervous about going there for Easter. I mean, I love my family. They love me and Bee and the kiddos. However, the last time around, whenever we would go to their house, Bee would plop himself in the corner and hardly speak to anyone. He would stay there the whole time, not saying a word. Eat there and quietly have me bring him more food or drink or whatever. My family was convinced he didn't like them. This is far from the truth. He is just quiet around those he doesn't know. Also, while his family is close (part of it anyway) they are not close like how my family is close. So, he's not used to that. Plus, every girl he has ever been with, he family hated him. (Honestly, I don't know why. He's a really good guy.)

When I told my family we were back together, they were a little hesitant because of the whole "He doesn't like us" feeling they got. I reassured them it wasn't the case and that I had talked to him about it...and Easter was the test.

I can tell you, he wasn't loud and center of attention like he is with his friends, but I can say he put forth a really good effort and I am sure my family noticed. All seemed to go well and everyone had a good time! Mom sent us home with tons of leftovers, as usual, and we were headed home around 6pm.

The night wound down. Kiddos took their baths and went to bed while Bee and I relaxed in the living room. We eventually went to bed and now, it's time for the week to start all over again. I am guessing since the kids are on spring break, we won't see too much of them this week. I think they are going to Bee's mom's house for a few days. I will miss them while they are gone, but I will also enjoy the extra half hour of sleep time I will get each morning since I don't have to take them to the babysitters :P

Quotes of Note

(Through the bathroom door to me) "Baby, what's this new machine that just appeared in here?!" That's my Battery Operated, Waterproof, Exfoliator for my face. "You use THAT on your FACE??

"I like my new hat. One, because it's Cool, and Two, because I look cool in it!" - Little Man

"Good morning to you! How was your night?!" - Little Man's first words to me immediately after I woke him up this morning.

"Baby, Promise me you will love my kids as much as you do now when you have a baby of your own." - Bee after I commented on how much I love the kiddos

"I remembered, on my own to wash my cereal bowl out! I put it in the sink and that's when I remembered! I can spell Bowl, too! B-O-W-L !" - Little man as we were walking out the door today. (We, well, I have really been getting on the kids about remembering to rinse their dishes in the sink)

"I am going to make you watch this show about Zimbees. That way tonite, when we go to bed, you will hold on to me tight" - Bee

Favorite Picture from this weekend....

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