Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music Matters..

Was the name of the Kid's Spring Concert last night! They did soo well! They were soo adorable!!! I was soo proud and excited to be there! I was personally invited by them!

This makes my heart smile because after the rumors circling around that they didn't like me and that me going to school events was "embarassing" to them (I went to one event..) I was hesitant to go. However, when they personally invited me, unprompted, It made my heart melt. In fact, "C" told me in the car yesterday morning on the way to the babysitters, "I soo can't wait for you to see me perform tonite! What time do you get off work??

Some Pictures from tonight:

Notice "C" in a dress! This never happens and SHE picked it out to wear too!

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