Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday = Gameday!

Today is the first pre-season game for Bee's football team. The day has started off right. We woke up, well, Bee woke up, at 7am. He lounged around until I got up at 9am. Then I made a big breakfast for everyone consisting of Bacon, Cheesy Eggs, and Toast. Now we are relaxing. Him playing XBOX with "C" (Madden of course, because you know, that's what every 9 year old girl plays with her father on xbox ;) ), Little Man is off playing some other game on xbox in the other room, and I am here blogging :)

In a few minutes, the chaos will begin. I will change out of these PJ's, get in the shower, and put my freaking parka on because it's 58 degrees outside and supposed to rain. I know, this is GREAT football weather, but if you are a freeze baby like me, it's not so fun. Then, it's time to get Bee and the kiddos pack up. Yes, I include Bee in there too. He may be 40. He may have even been playing football longer than I have been old enough to date, but he likes to wait to the last minute and then run around like a crazy man trying to find stuff. Meanwhile, he is stressing because he is going to be late, so he is yelling at everyone. When we finally make it out the door, we get halfway there and he remembers he forgot something important. Then, guess who gets asked to go back an get it...that's right. Moi. So, I just pack everything up and it causes less stress. Do I spoil my man? Yes. Yes, I do.

After the game, I am sure we will all meet up least the Offensive guys and their wives/girlfriends. We usually have a good time with these guys. They become like a second family.

Well, that's really about it for now. I am feeling much better. The swelling is still there, but nowhere near as bad as it was on Wednesday. I am not in too much pain anymore either. I made it all day yesterday and so far today without a pain pill. I have been eating more since feeling better and It's a little sore, but nothing that Tylenol can't cure. Well, I really should get in the shower and start preparing. I'll blog more tomorrow with a final score and hopefully some pictures!

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! That's so funny about you having to help get Bee ready...things work the same way in our house!