Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you like me? Vote Yes or No...

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a fan of the vote. I always would ask my friends to vote on what we did when we all hung out. Vote on the snack choice. Vote on who would be what barbie or transformer. We even had mock elections at my school when the Presidential Elections came around. I couldn't wait until I turned 18 and could vote!

Then I became an angst filled teenager who liked to buck the system. Rebel where I could (within reason of course. I mean, I didn't want to break any laws or anything) and so, when I turned 18, voting and registering to vote was furthest from my mind.

Then something happened. I call it the day I learned to care. The rest of the Country calls it September 11, 2001.

We had a brand new President, and other than the fact that his daddy had been President, I knew nothing about him. I do remember I liked how he made me feel when he came on T.V. and talked to everyone. I felt like someone cared. Someone was just as angry and hurt as I was. Someone who had the power, was going to do something about it and promised to keep me and my family safe. I liked that.

It also got me thinking. Thinking about what I believe in. How I feel about major political issues. What I felt was right and what was wrong. How I felt certain situations should be handled. I was developing an opinion on things outside of my bubble. I was learning how to use my voice.

2 days later, I was at the mall. I don't really remember why I was there, but I do remember they had people from the board of Elections there with a table set up to register people to vote. The kind lady asked me as I walked by, "Miss, are you registered to vote?" and I said "No." She then asked if I would like to be, and for the first time, I really wanted to be. I registered right then and there at the age of 21.

I have yet to miss an election, no matter how big or small. Call our system flawed, if you want. It is! However, it's the best we have, and the best in the world. A lot of men and women died so that you can go to your local voting poll and cast your ballot. A lot of men and women would still die today if it meant their children could have a say, so please. Go. Vote. Don't let the sacrifice be in vain.

Let your voice be heard!

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Sarah said...

Well said! I voted early because I couldn't wait, and will be watching the election results all night!!