Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fear is weakness leaving the body

I think the correct saying is, "Pain is weakness leaving the body", but sorry United States Marine Corps, today I like my version better.

We all had our dentist appointments yesterday. That's right. All. Me too. I told Bee that we would go to "my" dentist because C had a toothache and needed to get it checked out. We'd all get our teeth cleaned and see how as a family we liked Dr. Tom because after all, he IS an HOUR away from our house.

I met bee and the kiddos up there because from my work, it's only a half an hour. I got my cleaning first and I waited, and cringed for the bad news. Bad news? I still need $10,000.00 worth of work. Good news? Nothing else popped up since the last time I was in. AND he said he knows I've been avoiding him because of sticker shock. He said my teeth HAVE to be fixed, so he is willing to accept any monthly payment I can afford, directly, so I don't have to try and get a loan. Also, he is going to sit down and see what he can do. Talk to my insurance company, see the most they will pay, and see if he can't cut that number at least in half. He said that he can give me new temporary crowns that will still need to be turned into permanent ones someday, but that they should last me at least 10 years because they are made of good solid material and they look a lot better than the temporary crowns I have in now. So, I think I can live with that, and honestly, that is a huge weight off my shoulders. I also forgot just how nice and fun to talk to he was!

Bee and the kiddos arrived, and I could see the fear in all four of their faces. One by one, Dr. Tom took them back and won their hearts over. Him and Bee sat and talked a good twenty minutes after his cleaning just on football alone. I think their buds for life now! As it turns out, C's toothache was an "impact toothache" from when she went helmet to helmet with another boy in football. Dr. Tom says to leave it be, keep an eye on it, and eat on the other side. It will heal itself, it'll just take time. J has an old filling that broke that is sharp and jabbing her in the tongue. He is going to have to fix it and put a crown on it (ouch to my pocketbook!) but to help ease the blow, he is throwing in a free veneer for her front tooth that has a colored spot on it from when it came in. Little man has two cavities that are so small, they are almost unrecognizable. He is going to keep an eye on them, but nothing has to be done now, other than brush better, more often (for all of them) and ease up on the sweets! Bee had two cavities too, but he said they were small. Pretty darn good considering that the lot of them hadn't been to a dentist in quite awhile. :)

All in all, we left happy, and all is well. Got home to find that my check had come from my mama for my birthday so I can buy my boots! So all in all a great day all around!

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Sarah said...

It's good to have that done, and for it to have gone well, huh? Phew!