Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fourteen??

I didn't do a Thursday Thirteen. Actually, I haven't done one in a few weeks.

I don't like to be labeled or compartmentalized. Tied down or committed to one thing.

Actually, I just have the short term memory of a knat.

Anyway, because I lack the ambition to use a thought process and actually put together an entry, I am going to do a "Friday 14" so I have an excuse to make a list. There's not even a spunky graphic. I think I may be treading on unknown ground! I could start a trend!

Or maybe just my list...

1. Tonight kicks off my weekend of Birthday Celebration. We, as in Bee, Myself, Miss A. and possibly BFF Rose, will be going downtown for a comedy show! We will be seeing the lovely and talented Tammy Pescatelli.

2.I am super excited because I haven't seen Miss A since I "met" her and we have been dying to get together!

3. Bee will be in his glory. Three ladies. Drinking.

4. I have a strange feeling something is awry. Bee has been super lovey lately. Like, more so than usual. Telling me how much he loves me...then double and triple checking that I in fact love him as much as he loves me too. Then, Tuesday, just 5 days before my 30th birthday, he was borderline panic stricken (though, trying not to show it) looking for his wedding ring. I've never heard him even talk about it before. He said he wanted to find it so he could take it to the pawn shop and sell it. While we are not able to just go out and spend money on whatever, we aren't desperate or anything. We have food, milk, and bread and we get paid on Friday.

5. My birthday is Sunday, but he had enough money to buy his video game, so I am assuming he had enough to set aside for a present or something and he always told me "Pawn Shop Rings are the best. You can get a good deal on a great ring". And twice now this week he's gone out after work and did "errands"

6. I could be totally getting myself excited for no reason. ha! The wedding ring, which I eventually found Wednesday night, is still on our dresser.

7. BFF Rose is taking me to get a Tattoo on Saturday as my birthday present. My first ever! Pictures to come!

8. I found out, after 3 years of working here, our copier/scanner will scan and email color. Just wait, blog. I will have some treasures for you in a day or so! ;)

9. Bee asked for coffee yesterday morning. So, since I had to stop and get gas on my way to work, I got him a coffee and went to see him at work. He kissed me and put his forehead on mine and said, "You look just like a Cyclops. Baby, if you WERE a Cyclops, you would still have the prettiest EYE around. My cute, one-eyed Princess" Swoon! haha!

10. A girl I went to high school with who was a "friend-a-emy" of mine found me on Facebook the other night. Here's the thing, we were close, but she was a troubled child. She didn't get along with her parents and was always running away. She started breaking the law and that's when I kinda distanced myself from her. We had a big blow-out fight the year after I graduated. About a year and a half later, my mom said she stopped by the house looking for me while I was at work. She wanted to make amends and apologize. She was on her way to rehab, then jail. She was a mama, and wanted to make things right. I got to talk to her 2 times about 6 years later...and then disappeared again. Until now. It's nice to talk to her, but it's really sad to see/hear what she's gone through, and what she still goes through.

11. Bee and I (he didn't know until this weekend...not like he will lift a finger..) are hosting Thanksgiving this year. We have the square footage and the table space. My mama is coming out to help, too. However, this Thanksgiving has the makings to be quite special. If it all works out, at some point throughout the day, I will have : My mom, dad, sister, brother and his family, Bee, The kiddos, Bee's mom, and Bee's two brothers and their wives. All at one time, hopefully. How awesome :)

12. My nagging finally worked. Bee had me call and schedule him an appointment at an orthopedic surgeon's office to get his finger and hand looked at. Mr. I-Can-Do-It-Myself, broke his finger this summer, set it HIMSELF, and did it wrong. Now it's healed at a perfect 45 degree angle and he can't straighten it. Not to mention, I think part of the tendon snapped off and sitting at the base of his finger. It's hurting him, along with the tendon damage he already has in his hands from carrying drywall for 15 years.

13. I love how he trusts me enough to go see this doctor, knowing he will have to have surgery. He is trusting me to take care of us while he's out of work. That makes me smile :)

14. I'm starting to wonder if LeBron James was, in fact, the Cleveland Curse. Ever since he's been gone, the CAVS have been winning and so have the *gasp* BROWNS! :)

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