Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's kick it into overdrive!

Well, the weekends over. It was nice while it lasted, and Bee and I spent quality time together, and with the kids. We did something on Friday night that we haven't done since we moved into our house. We took the kids out to eat at their favorite place in the whole wide world. CiCi's Pizza! (yes, our kids DO have a sophisticated pallet!) It was nice because, like I said, we haven't done anything like that in quite awhile. The kids were really excited. Then we came home and after hanging out for awhile, we went to bed.

Saturday, the kids cleaned, we had C's football banquet, and then Bee and I went out for the night to our friend Reggie's mom's 50th birthday party. It was funny because it was held in the basement party room at city  hall in the city where my cousin's husband used to be a cop. I even knew the police officer that was working the party. He was on the Biggest Loser a little while back. We had a blast, and I even had three guys try to slip me their number. Nice to know I still "got it", but I'm perfectly happy with my Bee. ThankYouVeryMuch!

Sunday, the two youngest kids went with their grandparents to go see their mom, and Bee and I laid around watching football, playing on our laptops,  and hanging out with Reggie, while J played outside. It was a beautiful day, too! Now it's time to kick it into overdrive!

I have to go shopping for dinner for Thursday. I would have it done already, but now I can't go until Tuesday or Wednesday because Bee didn't deposit his check until late Friday. I'm sorry, BOTH of his checks. He sat on one for a week. Why? I don't know, other than just not feeling like making the trip to the bank. Ugh! Oh well, bills will get paid, dinner will get bought, cooked, and served. Then, I must clean my house. It's not dirty, really. The kids who were grounded were good at keeping it tip top, but I need to mop the floors, bleach everything, and get it clean and not just "surface clean" as I say. Shouldn't be too much work because the kids, for the most part, will be out of town, so I'll be able to clean it, uninterrupted, and it will stay clean :) J likes to hibernate in her room, so she won't mess things up too bad. ;)

Then, there's dinner. Here's the thing. On one hand, I wanted to buy the dinner, cook it, and serve it, with minimal help from mama. Mainly because I want to take the burden off of her. She has been doing it for 30+ years and us kids are old enough to start doing it on our own. Secondly, because I want to see if I can :) I mean, I can throw together a meal for Bee, the kids, and I, but can I manage a Thanksgiving Meal, all the fixin's and desserts, and not only pull it off, but have it taste as good as hers? Well, my plan was to find out this year. When there's cooking to do though, mama doesn't like to be idle for too long, so she asked if I would like some help. I agreed, because cooking with her is nice :) Beginning of last week, we talked on the phone about who would buy what, and how we were going to schedule things. She said she's come out Wednesday and we'd cook. That was our game plan.

By the end of the week, it all changed. She called me and told me she bought everything on our list other than stuff for pies (which is always my contribution) Olives + Pickles (which she was going to by, but I insisted she let me) and one of the Turkeys. I'm not going to complain too much though. Bee and I are trying to save every penny to get us a little bit ahead of the game, so this helps us a lot! She also decided that since I am working until at least 3pm on Wednesday, she should come out Tuesday and cook all day Wednesday. That way, when I come home, I'll be able to do the pies and we'll be done, save the Turkey we will cook on Thursday. Whew!

So, Mama's doing Thanksgiving this year, just at my house. I think I am ok with that :)


Steve Finnell said...

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Sarah said...

What a nice mom! That's the best way to do it...Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!