Monday, November 1, 2010

The Hangover

Sugar hangover, that is....

I had gastric bypass in 2006, I have no business eating sugar. But I did. A lot of it too, by my post surgery standards. I am paying for it today.

So are the kids...who were up until 10pm on a school night...after ingesting half a pound of candy...

Anyway, Friday night, we came home and Bee had said he wanted to go to see his brother's band play. I called around and told BFF Rose we would be out her way and to stop up. After I got it all set up and started getting ready, Bee decided he was tired and didn't want to go out. I made him go anyway.


Anyway, we went and had a good time. We saw his brother, and his new wife, and had a good time!

We didn't get home until almost 4am. For Bee and I, that's ludicrous! He had to be up kinda early on Saturday, because the Grandparents of the year we picking up the kids to take them trick or treating at their house because their city held it on Saturday. They said they'd have the kids home Sunday morning.

J slept all day, until 2pm! Bee and I laid around and ate. He ate a whole pumpkin pie, and I have no idea what I ate, all I know is after this weekend, we declared that we can't sit around and do nothing like this ever again because if we do, by the end of the winter, we'll be 9000 pounds! (Amen, brotha!) We did break up the nothingness with a trip to Wally World for supplies to make Catina tacos (bee's were the Bee's Knees! Suck on THAT, Taco Bell!). we then watched "Book of Eli" (That I have seen, but rented on my nextflix in JULY for Bee to see it...) Bee and J were fans.

Sunday, the kids came home around 10:30am. They had a lot of candy. Apparently, Grandparents of the year, who haven't seen the kids since the beginning on September, picked them up Saturday morning, dropped them right at the neighbors house where they played all day. Then, the neighbor took the kids across town to her sisters house where the kids trick or treated. Then, came home, went to bed, were fed breakfast, then dropped off at home. Way to spend time with your grand kids.

The kids played all Sunday with their friends. Then, as I was dumping candy into a bowl to get ready for handing out, C informs me "You know, all my friends say no one trick or treats on our street. They all go down Green street on their way to the school's big Halloween party."

Hmm, that is a bit of information that would have been nice to know $80.00 ago....

Kids got dressed up, destroyed their bathroom (which they will be cleaning today!), and our friends Rob and Amy and their two little girls game over. We had time for pictures..

And then, they were off. Bee and Reggie were discussing the player meeting for next week and watching football while I handed out candy! My first time in my very own house! I was soooo excited! I even had my mom's hand painted platter that we always filled with candy and handed out!

Including my three and Amy's 2, we had 11 kids.


The kids came home with buckets upon buckets of all my left overs that never got handed out...

I'm gonna be 9000 lbs by Summer :/


Amander said...

Ugh, I have a sugar hangover, too. I am craving sugar today after eating it constantly this weekend, but I know that will only make it worse. I need a few days of healthy eating before I go back to my sweets :)

Sarah said...

I'm giving the kids about another week, and then I think that it will be about time for the Halloween Fairy to visit our house (trade candy for a DVD or video games). I can't have the candy in the house. I am far too weak.