Monday, November 29, 2010

I took a bloggy Vacation

I took a little break. I thought about typing entries and setting them to auto-post, but that seemed weird. Mainly, because how can you write about things that haven't happened yet?

I would like to tell you that I spent my little 3 day spree shopping for Christmas, or decorating, or scrubbing my house from tippy top to bottom with a tooth brush and now you have to wear sunglasses in it's presence, or even that Bee and I slipped away to a tropical location, just the two of us, and sipped little drinks with umbrellas while tall, dark, and handsome, MUTE men slathered me with tanning lotion....

I would like to tell you that, but I can't.

Cuz it's fantasy :)

What I really did was a whole lot of eating, and sitting my big butt in my chair with my feet up next to my Bee who may or may not have showered and shaved once in three days. Ah, doing nothing....

My house did get a little TLC. I cleaned my kitchen about 700 times from Wednesday to this morning. Can I just tell ya'll the Swifer Wetjet has changed my life. If it would not totally weird her out, I would grab up Grandma Bee and spin her around and kiss her FACE! Seriously. I will save so much time and money, and wear and tear on my back!

I also managed to do laundry, and clean up my dining room, which is where all the Thanksgiving festivities went down. Other than that, I spent quality time with my laptop, my chair, my Steelers snuggie, and my Bee.
I did manage to venture out a little bit, but not much.

Wednesday I got home early. My mom was there cooking, and I joined in and we cooked and baked until the wee hours of midnight. The kids went with their Grandparents to visit their Aunt and Uncle and cousins. I missed them while they were gone, but figure let them have the kids for Thanksgiving because I call dibs on Christmas. J was there, though and she would take breaks from hiding in her room and come down and visit and steal bites of whatever it was we were cooking at the moment.

Thursday morning, my guy got up and made mama and I breakfast. He actually sat down at the kitchen table with us and ate too. Mainly because I told him he should since I would most likely not see him again until dinner time. He ate, then disappeared into the living room to watch football in between playing his Xbox. Mama and I finished up the cooking, set the table, and prepared for the guests. Everyone arrived, we snacked, drank, and then, it was time to eat! At dinner, we had me, Bee, J, Grandma Bee, Mama, Poppy, Siso, BFF Rose, and her son Kam. Then later, Aunt Neenee (Bee's aunt) came by, along with Bee's Brother and his lovely new Bride. It was so nice to just sit and enjoy every one's company.

Friday, we did a whole lot of sitting and doing nothing. Then, my new friend, the lovely Miss A., asked if I would like to meet her for dinner because she had the evening to herself. I agreed, after Bee's blessing. Not that I feel I "need" it, but I feel it's polite. He was excited for me. I think he's happy I have a friend who I can go out with for a couple of hours and get away. We went to a bar/restaurant where we had delicious burgers and then, for good measure, I bought us a shot of Whipped Cream Vodka, because if you haven't had it, it's OhhEmmGee amazing :) We sat and chatted for a few hours, and then I headed home where my sleepy Bee was waiting (it was only 10:30pm. We're lightweights).

Saturday we sat and ate as well as lounged for a the better part of the day. J left with her mom to go to a baby shower. Bee had a meeting with Reggie about Team stuff, and I met the Lovely Miss A. and her man at Famous Footwear to get boots. Alas, they didn't have them and were of no help to me, so we left in a huff and grabbed coffee instead. We parted ways and I headed out to my parents house, but first stopped at the Famous Footwear by them. They didn't have my boots either, but they were able to order them for me and I shall be enjoying their loveliness in about 7-10 business days. I spent the evening with my family and BOTH my siblings! Along with my adorable little niece as well! She is getting so big! She crawls and "talks" too!

Sunday, we had the lovely Miss A and her man over for the Steelers Vs Bills game. They are Bills fans, we are Steelers fans, and can I tell you, what started off as a boring game with the Steelers ahead by 10, ended in quite a nail biter! We clinched it, with our new kicker in OT...but almost had to settle for a tie. After they left, the younger kiddos came home. They were being weird, which is kind of normal after spending extended periods of time with their mother's family. Throw in a visit with their mom and two letters from her, and we have weird kids. Little Man seemed sad, yet wanted to be around me as much as possible. C was all "my grandma says.." "My Grandma likes.." "My Grandma bought me..." which the latter statement could be ended with "not much".  Anyway, at one point in the evening she informed us, in a very "ha-ha!" kind of way that her mom said she read in the paper that friends of Bee's (which he knew when he was married...and therefore could be considered friends of hers) house was in foreclosure. Bee exploded and said that her mom needs to worry about her own issues and where she's at. And, perhaps her own foreclosure because you know how we moved? It's not because we wanted to, it was because your mom caused our house to go into foreclosure and that's why we moved. She didn't care if you and your brother slept out in the cold. She had a nice warm cell with 3 hots and a cot.

Needless to say, it was a quiet evening after that. I hate when their mom has to be brought up. I am a believer in not talking bad about her, but the kids also need to know. Their grandparents and their mother pump them so full of BS that they come home thinking they know what's going on...and they have no clue.

Oh well, in the end, it was a good Holiday. I am kinda glad to be back at work. To have us back on our schedule again. I like order. I like my kids all at home where they belong. With us.

I hope Tom Turkey was good to all of you as well!


Sarah said...

Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect (aside from the crazy that the kids' grandparents sent them home with.) I'm with you. It's kind of nice to be going back to a normal schedule. Love your new winter design on your blog!

Sarah said...

By the way, how did you size your text to stay within the middle space of your wallpaper? Mine overlaps, and I haven't figured out how to fix that.

Amander said...

Overall it sounds like a lovely weekend.

And bloggy breaks are definitely worth it :)