Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's do the time warp again!

With my parents "moving" to Arizona, they've been cleaning out the house. My mom found a box with a ton of pictures in it, and we all took a trip down memory lane. It makes me laugh, some of the things below, and I just think, what will my kids think at 30 seeing pictures of them this young? :)Anyway, enjoy!

Why yes, my Dad did like tight shirts and had a beard that could rival all  beards!

Dear 1970's, Nice car, Nice hair, Nice Pants, nice shirt! ~ Love me

For someone who hated hippies, my poppy sure took to the 70's styles like he was born for it!

What's so funny, Duke?

Grandma Doris. My mom's mom. She was kinda what the people of her day would call a Harlett. Ah, thata girl :)

Grandpa Jim. My dad's dad. He looks like he is going on Safari...but really, he's just a Marine and that's what they wore.

Don't act like YOU didn't have a giant, non-working floor model tv, with a smaller working TV placed atop it!

Even at 5, I was sassy...and stylish.

Mercy! Look at that flower! And those overalls! And that Flannel! And my He-man Haircut. Why, God, WHY Couldnt I be he-man?!

Told you I was a fat kid ;) and LOOK at how fat my dog was...ahahaha!

Hello, Doll face!

My mama LOVED this dress...I think it's featured in like 25 more pictures :)

I was 9 and at a birthday party. I was "Dolly Parton" until one of my balloons popped and  then I told all the adults I was Nancy Ragen......seriously...(I was always looking for an audiance )

I am SO rocking this romper...and do you like my SKATES! I will challenge you to a SKATE OFF!! But, only in the grass, and only if my dad can help me as I cross my driveway.

"Memory", anyone?

Three days before my 3rd birthday and I was KILLIN those knee socks!

Presents, anyone?

Pepi, my horse :P

Mine was a life of leasure

I've always known how to work it for a camera....and those sheets? Ah, the 80' time where sporting Rainbows just ment you were trendy..


I've mentioned a few times here about winning this rabbit. Well, here's the pictorial evedence.

Seriously, why was I not afraid of him? He had RED eyes, and look, he's snarling!

Thanks for the Support, Dad

There is so much flannel being WORKED in this picture...

With those wings, I am surprised they let him hold me, for fear he'd fly away with me!

Me and my Bethroved. Well, until he turned 8 and found out you had to have SEX when you got married...and he was having NO part of that. I was ok with it though because no "woman of his" was going to work. Ah, innocence...

My mama and me. She is the ahe I am now in this picture...

My mama and I. She was in the Hospital for something...I'm not sure...she was in the Hospital a lot.

It was pure horror or tears everytime I held my sister..

I was trying to sell her....

Me and my hair were helping Uncle Steve make Ice cream toppings

I was 5 and really rocking my Rainbow bright shirt!

Same Birthday, but it was my school party that was held at the same McDonalds (it was the first one to have a play room! 8 years before the times!) my dad had his stroke at about 6 months later

Mom and dad workin their outfit selcetions for someone wedding.

My Cousin, Terri. Her daughter looks JUST like this

My brother and his awesome sweater...


Amander said...

Love the old school pictures! They show such a fun snapshot of your life.

Sarah said...

Hahahahaha! Those were GREAT! Stylin' clothes, great stories, fabulous hair, and one HUGE bunny! :)