Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now What?

Well, it's done. Officially done. What will we do with ourselves?

Football is over.




Well, until January that is :) C's team played their final game of the year this weekend and Bee doesn't have another football related game/practice until after Christmas. Then, once January starts, we have indoor flag, and we will start indoor training and conditioning for Bee's team. Of course, we always have NFL Football. And the Turkey Bowl. And I can guarantee you that if another owner called up Bee on the phone, tonight, and said "Hey, let's get a game for the weekend, or Tomorrow" Bee would be there, with bells on, and at least 11 guys to field a team.

It's weird to me how these guys will do anything for one last game. No matter how old they are. What is it about the game that is so compelling? I mean, I know it's fun to watch. I get caught up in my black and gold teams. I live and die through them too, but honestly, what makes you keep wanting to strap up and get out there when it's cold, hot, snowy, raining, hailing, whatever? Why is it these guys will give up time with their family, their Xbox, their girlfriends/wives, sleep, TV and risk their health for this game?

I know a guy, one of Bee's friends, who is in his late 30's. He has a wife, a business, 4 kids, and a house. He plays semi-pro football and in the first 3 minutes of their playoff game, he tore his Achilles tendon. It snapped and rolled right up like a cheap set of window shades. He couldn't walk or control his foot. He had surgery and now has an incision that is 13 inches long. He spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair and is now just getting to the point he can rehab it and walk on it. Doctor says he was lucky he is able to walk on it again, he will be lucky to get 75-80% of mobility to the foot back, and should he get that or more, he should definitely NOT play anymore because should it get hit again, they probably won't be able to save the tendon. He's hitting the gym and training for next season. Say's he'll be back, better than ever.

Stupid? Sure. However, Bee would do the same thing. What is it that is so seductive about this sport? You don't see baseball, basketball, rugby, tennis, or soccer players act that way. For those who have played the game, they often refer to it like a battle or a war when you are in the huddle or on the sidelines, yet it really is nothing like that. Ask anyone who's actually BEEN to war, yet, every player I know, treats his teammates like a brother in arms.

It's perplexing to me that after a week or two, Bee starts to get the "itch". I've never had anything in my life like that...however, I think it's great he does. I love supporting him and his interests, and to be honest, what girl DIDN'T want to date the football star??

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Sarah said...

I can only imagine...Dave sometimes has played in a Sunday league, and when the season was over, I swear he went through a kind of grieving process. How Bee feels must be amplified 20 times over that! :)