Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just because I feel like sharing!

~Mama, Poppy, and Siso have come out for the weekend. The kids get super excited when my family comes around and we usually have a countdown of some sort until they arrive. I still am not clear on weather it's because they really ENJOY my family, or if it's because my family feels the need to "buy" their love, and always brings them some sort of treat and or present. Or if it's a little of both..

~I am new to the whole "my parents have grand kids now" situation, so maybe it's not so much "buy their affection" as it's "just what grandparents do". Bee's mom always gets them something too. Not so much the other grandparents. But then again, they are mainly just show pieces, so why would you??

~I decided to bake goodies for Bee's football meeting, and the kids wanted to help. Well, I am a control freak, and a neat freak, so my synapses were firing on rapid, and I really wanted to tell them to leave me be, but, they're kids, and kids love to bake. I remember helping my mama out when I was a kid and I loved it. So, I decided they could help me make the cookies! They were totally stoaked and the best part? They get bored with it after 10 minutes and want to go play.

~My work owns a media company. I find this odd because it has absolutely nothing to do with what the rest of the company does, but whatever. Anyway, our media company did a documentary film on the world of competitive checkers in a small South African city. Sounds boring, I know, but it was actually really cool. They are having a one-time premiere of the movie before it goes off to all the film festivals tonight at 7pm and I was invited +one. So, if we get done in time, Bee and I are going to go. It's kinda a little bit swanky and I like that we get to do stuff like that from time to time :) Our Media company also did the opening video for all the Cleveland Caviler's games last season and this season too. They won an award for last seasons'!

~C has her all star game this weekend. I hope the snow holds off!

~I worry every day if I am making a positive impact on the kids, or if I am just that grumpy, nagging lady who scolds them a lot more than I used to...

~I hate talking money with Bee. HATE. If I could trust him to be organized enough to handle the bills and make sure they all got paid, and on time, I would gladly hand it all off to him and just write him a check twice a month. Even he agrees, It's better I do it.

~My favorite part of the day is bed time. It's the only time when we are not distracted by the tv, our laptops, text messages, the phone ringing, kids, or anything else for that matter. We cuddle, we talk, we giggle, and then it's time to sleep the sleep of angels!

~I look forward to that blissful week or two when no one has ANYTHING going on.

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Sarah said...

I always worry about nagging the kids too much too...I wish they would do what I tell them right away, and then I wouldn't have to carry this guilt with me...I love the end of the day too. It is SO important to have that couple time!