Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous

Well, I've made it.

I've officially turned 30. It's kinda strange knowing I am no longer in my 20's. I am now an adult. The same age as my mom when she got pregnant with me.


 If you would have asked me ten years ago as I was just turning 20, I would tell you that at 30 I,

- Would be married
- Have kids
- Have a "real" job
- Have a College Education
- Own my own home
- Have a decent car

In Reality,

- I am NOT married, but who knows..
- I do NOT have biological children
- I do NOT have a "Real" job in the sense that I went to College for it
- I do NOT have a College Education
- I do NOT own my own home
- I do have a decent car :)

However, when I take a look at what I do have....I have my wonderful Bee, we share a home that we love and that we rent, with his three awesome kiddos. I am employed by a company that cares for me, even though they drive me batty. It certainly pays the bills and offers a few perks to boot. Sometimes, I think College is over rated...I mean, unless you plan on being a doctor or a lawyer...and home ownership over over rated too. We love our landlord. He's awesome. He plans on renting us this house for a long long time...I hand him my rent check, and if something breaks or the roof leaks? It's on his dime. Not mine. And he has a lot more dimes than me ;)

I am sure I will have the first two things on my list. However, they take time :)

30 years. I just can't stop saying it. I have been here for 30 years. On one hand, it scares the bejeesus outta me, but on the other, I am kind of excited to see what this next decade will bring. I am no longer a child or a young woman, I am simply a woman...and I kind of like that :) We are like a fine wine, we only get better with age.

In honor of my 30th, I would like to share a list of 30 important life lessons I have learned ...

1. Mom and dad may not always be "right", but they always know what's best.

2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

3. You may be able to "handle it" on your own, but it's always best to lean on your best friend when times get tough, good, sad, whatever.

4. A hug will always make anything better

5. Good Vodka and Good wine. 'Nuff said.

6. Laugh like no tomorrow, cry like no one is around, and have inside jokes!

7. Surround yourself with good people!

8. Always make the effort. Even if no one else is. At least YOU can sleep at night.

9. I do not like seafood. At all. No matter how you cook it or hide it. Yes, this even means shrimp and talipa. I don't care if you think it tastes "just like chicken" I can tell. I can ALWAYS tell.

10. Water may be good for you, but Diet Coke tastes better :)

11. Best Hangover cure in the world: Two Tylenol with your first beer. Two before bed, and you'll be fine (your liver, probably not so much...but..)

12. If you forget the information above, and wake up with a hangover, Gatorade. Tastes nasty, but it WORKS. Or, if none on hand, LOTS of water and greasy food.

13. With children, always bring a spare. Spare blanket, Spare Coat, Spare Clothes, Spare toy.

14. Keep a towel in the car. Always.

15. Live on a budget. Seriously.

16. When dealing with the Government, IRS, DMV, Gas company etc, ALWAYS keep a copy, and make note of your confirmation number.

17. Take time to stop, if even for a second, everyday to take in your surroundings. GOD did this. All of it.

18. Keep your bank account in line. Always. Less stress that way.

19. Don't worry about things you can't fix or can't fix right now...worrying does nothing but upset YOU. (Still working on this one!)

20. A glass of wine with a friend solves most of the worlds problems.

21. Honesty is always best. Lying is too hard.

22. Never put anything in writing that you wouldn't stand by.

23. Gossip is fun, unless you are the one being gossipped about.

24. One GOOD friend is better than fifteen so-so friends.

25. Family is always there. No matter what.

26. Pick your battles. People will take you more seriously.

27. You can't make everyone happy, so it's best to focus on the one person who means them most and make THEM happy. YOU.

28. People don't change, for the most part, they just get better at hiding their flaws.

29. Treat people, especially those who are handling your food or various accounts with your utilities, with kindness and how you would like to be treated. You get a lot farther with a funny joke, or a cherry tone, than to start yelling. You are a number on a page until you make them smile. Then all doors open up.

30. Start every day with Thanking God. It gets the day off to a good start! 


Sarah said...

Happy happy birthday! You are a wise favorite is, "A glass of wine with a friend solves most of the worlds problems." So true. :)

Amander said...

Happy belated birthday!
It's funny how life doesn't end up the way we want it to, but you definitely seem to have gained a lot of knowledge (and fun) along the way!