Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wasn't I JUST saying...

So, about two months ago, I wrote an entry about needing a friend. Someone who understood me. Someone who was happy to talk when we could get a few minutes, but would not hold it against me if it had been a few days since we talked. Someone who "got" my situation with Bee and maybe even was in a similar situation. Someone who was close enough in physical distance that we could grab dinner without an overnight bag in tow....

God always listens. He always knows what we need when we need it. Two things have happened since that post.

BFF Rose and I have sat down and hashed out all the events of this summer. This time around it was her doing the apologizing. Last year at this time, it was me. I guess we are both growing in our friendship and learning to adapt our friendship to our changing lives. She will always be my BFF Rose and she will always be like my sister, even if we don't talk every day or see each other every day. Our friendship has survived so much in the past 6 years,  I am pretty sure it will never ever break. And for that? I am most thankful.

The second thing that has happened is, I think I have found the exact friend I described in my post from two months ago.

The weird thing is, I've sort of have known her for awhile. However, the three or four times we've met, I was drunk, in the middle of team stuff and couldn't really socialize, drunk, or arrived as she was leaving.

She is the girlfriend of one of the players on Bee's old team. He is considering joining the new team (and I hope he does!) but is weighing his options. Anyway, our guys are VERY much alike. They honestly, weather THEY like it or not, could be twins. They both have pasts they just can't seem to get rid of, and part of them I think doesn't WANT to...not because they want to be back with that person/in that situation, but because it's familiar and/or "easy" when you know what you're dealing with. Bee even "stole" this guy's girlfriend at one time.

Miss A and I share a LOT of the same frustrations with our men. Yet, we both take comfort in the fact that we broke up with our guys, and were chased by them until we took them back after being woo'ed and had love professed to us. (We were even "broken up" the same amount of time!) Both of our guys have made HUGE life changes in the past 6-8 months that they wanted to make anyway, but never had the motivation to do these things until it meant not getting us back.

While Miss A has kids of her own, she also knows what it's like for me because her guy has kids too. He has shared custody and has the fun of dealing with ex's, ex's family, and so on and so forth. Plus, we have so much in common otherwise! We like the same things, music, a love for Bon Jovi, and taste in fashion (although, there are some boots that I really want that she swears she will hold an intervention if I try to buy ha!) She lives close enough that we can get together for dinner, or just to hang out and we don't have to travel halfway across the state to do it, and I like that too.

She is super sweet and I am so glad I went to Bee's All-Star game and got to "meet" her all over again. I also look forward to the wonderful friendship that we've started!

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Sarah said...

Yay! How great that you hashed things out with Rose and that you have found Miss A. Girlfriends are so important!