Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dentist, and other confessions.

So C has a tooth ache. More like a sore tooth. It's an adult tooth, so we need to get her in to get it looked at. Bee doesn't have a dentist, so he asked me to make an appointment with mine for her. Then added, "While were at it, might as well get all three of them in. Me too, I suppose. Hey! Why don't we allll go!"

To which I responded, "You got $10,000.00 for me to go?"

Yes, folks. I need $10,000.00 worth of work done in my mouth. That's with a discount.  I need a 4 piece bridge in the front ($5,000) and I need an implant on the side from the old tooth they pulled ($3,000) and I need another one pulled that broke a long long time ago, and one other capped. I kinda told them talk to me in a few months after the whole tooth pulling and we'd see about getting it done. The guy's a dentist and he wants to fix it for me. Just like an M.D. wants to fix a broken bone for one of their patients. Plus, it doesn't help that I'd be paying him $10,000.00. However, I don't have $10,000.00. I am also not interested in being in debt for $10,000.00 while trying to handle all of our other bills too. So, I'm avoiding him. And his text messages (yes, my dentist text messages his clients.) It's time for me to come in for a cleaning, and since the last time I saw him, I have a tooth in the back that's chipped. It's annoying me and it makes eating bothersome.

Yet, I am still avoiding him. Why? Because I want my teeth fixed, but I don't want to have to come up with ten grand. Also? I have a REALLY bad habit. I tend to chew on ice. I don't want the lecture. I've gotten better, I swear, but it's still there. The kids see me do it and so they've started, which is why I think C has the tooth ache she has now. She has since stopped cold turkey with the ice, but I feel guilty, so I am putting my tail between my legs and going.

It's just the Dentist right? I mean, he can't force me to get work done. I mean, I suppose he can tell me I need the work again, and I can simply inform him that unless he drops that sticker price significantly, it ain't happening....

But still, I have anxiety. I HATE the dentist. I don't know why, because I always had a great one growing up. I think it's because they always have bad news. This is going to cost $5,000. That is going to cost $2,500. You need this, you need that. Dental insurance is crap anymore and don't really do anything in the way of covering anything. Lame.

Bee offered up the idea of the dental college at Case Western University. I am always down for things on the cheap, but the thing is, I am also a wuss when it comes to pain, and I am concerned with how it would look. I don't want janky looking crowns just because I went to the dental college. I want professional looking stuff. I suppose I could go and find out. But I'm scared. Blah.

Another thing I considered too, is my car will be paid off in about 3 years. Bee has already made it known that I have a Honda and those are good reliable cars. He can also fix most things that go wrong and if he can't, he knows someone who can, so there is no need to go get a "new" one just because I paid this one off and I am bored with it. He's right, you know. But, it's another reminder that I am not single anymore and can't just do those things without consulting him, since it's both of our money now. However, I could then take the $400 a month I pay on my car and put it towards a loan payment for my teeth.

Either or, something needs to be done.

Ugh, I hate being responsible and setting a good example....

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Sarah said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Thank God for the kids...otherwise it would be a lot easier to put this work off. Wish stuff like this wasn't so expensive...