Monday, November 8, 2010

Warning, rambling ahead!

This was by far, one of the best weekends I have had in awhile.

Friday, Little Man and I were some baking fools! First, he helped me make dinner. By helping, I mean that he stood in the kitchen with me talking my ear off and asking questions ranging from how the Earth was made to the Quantum Physics of being a really real air bender, all at rapid-fire speed. I made pineapple-teriyaki chicken stir fry in case you are wondering.

And yes, I do amaze even myself.

After dinner, C wanted to help bake, but decided she was too tired and had a very important all-star game the next day, and she should just go to bed. It was 7:30pm. I love my kids :) Anyway, J was up in her room, as usual, and little man was helping me with dishes (much like he helped me make dinner).

Then, the baking started.

He cracked the eggs. He poured in all the liquid elements. He pushed all the buttons that required being pushed. He unwrapped Hershey Kisses. He even helped spoon cookies on to the cookie sheet. However, his most important job, the one he took most seriously, the super secret, do-not-tell-anyone, secret taste tester. 

When all was said and done, he Little Man was finally in bed, we had made, 6 1/2 dozen peanut blossom cookies, 2 dozen white chocolate chip, two loaves of pumpkin bread, one loaf of Ba'napple bread, one pumpkin pie, one pumpkin cheesecake. Then I collapsed into bed.
Apparently, I have the palsy when it comes to taking pictures...

Saturday we got up, we went to C's All-star  game, in the SNOW, where she won 44-0. And Bee coached! And J and Little man camped out in the car! And I was "forced" to stand next to Grandma and Grandpa S for an hour and a half and have uncomfortable conversation! The thing about Grandma and Grandpa S, is this: Grandpa S says very little. That makes me nervous. Grandma S talks to me like she's some innocent church lady who is only surrounded by kittens, rainbows, and prayers all day. They are nice to me. However, since I like to see the good in people, I want to take that at face value. Like we've turned a corner. However, in reality, I know she is the mother to Bee's ex-wife and will be forever loyal to her daughter. Can't say I blame her, or even that I want to be "friends" with her...but I find myself wanting to say things to her in conversation, but I keep having to remind myself to keep my guard up because I am sure (in fact, I know) she takes the good, bad, and the ugly, and reports it all back to her daughter.

Today though, today she actually felt the need to tell me that her daughter isn't a bad person. She's a wonderful person with a loving and kind heart. I told her, that's fine. I don't judge people I don't know, but that she DOES need to wake up and realize THIS is HER life that SHE chose. Bee is still the father of their kids. She is still their mother, and will always be and we will never interfere with her role as their mother, however, she will NOT get bee back. He has no interest. He's told her, and his actions have proven it. He will NOT bring the kids to see her, she can worry about making the arrangements and while she is free to keep acting and pretending like when she gets out they'll be one big happy family, together again, she only makes herself look crazy and desperate, and it will only hurt the kids in the end. Grandma S's response was simply "Yeah, I know. But, she will NEVER stop loving him. It's hard for her"

My response? Well, keep it yourself. And really? Put on your big girl panties and get the eff over it. I loved my "first love" for a long time too, but one day I realized all the time and effort I was wasting pining after some guy who had NO desire to be with made me look foolish. I guess when you are used to getting every.little.thing. you want and doing whatever it takes to get it, even stealing, then it's a hard lesson to learn.

 Anyway, afterwards, we went to Bee's meeting where we had a nice little turn out, and the baked goods gotten eaten up real quick. Then, we headed home. We ran out of time between C's game and Bee's meeting, so we had the kids with us, and C was filthy, and my parents had been at our house by themselves for 3 we decided not to go to the movie premiere. Oh well, can't say I was all that bummed.

We got home, mama had dinner ready, and the kids were so happy to see her and my dad that they about burst. Little Man ran into the house so fast, that by the time Bee and I made it inside, he was already in a chair as close to my mom as he could get talking her ear off at the speed of light. We ate, we talked, we laughed, we planned Thanksgiving, and my sister gave me my birthday presents early since she is working next weekend when my birthday actually comes around. She got me a bottle of my favorite sparkling wine, a purse, and a new wallet.

Why yes, my wallet is supposed to look like naughty girl panties ;)

We stayed up late, eating, cooking, talking, and having a good time. Even Bee! He sat and played rock band with my sister and they were laughing like crazy! Then, we all went to bed and Sunday, mama and I made breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and cinnamon rolls! Then, Little Man glued himself to her side and talked non-stop for hours. The kids, save C, opted to stay home with my parents and sister while Bee and I took C to round two of the All-Star game. Unfortunately they lost, but Grandma and Grandpa S did overhear the parents of one of the boys on C's team talk about how much their son had a crush on "that girl that plays on his team" ;)

We came home and mama had dinner ready again. We all ate, and socialized a bit more, and then they went home. I cleaned up after the weekend (I love my family dearly and I love when they come out for a visit, but they when they are there), and then it was time to prepare for the week. I made sure clothes were folded and put away, kids got baths, and lunches were made. I finally sat down to chill with Bee at 8:00pm and we were in bed by 9:30pm. We needed the sleep! :)

It was a great weekend, and I can't wait to see what next weekend brings, because it's my BIRTHDAY! :)


Amander said...

Nice birthday gifts!

And also, your blog is making me hungry.

Sarah said...

Wow...I consider myself doing well when I make a batch of chocolate chip cookies...from a tube... ;)
Fun purse!