Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's try something new...

On one of the blogs I follow, the author does an entry once a week with a pre set line of questions. She answers them once a week (I think on Monday or Tuesday usually). It's kind of a "what's going on right now" type line of questions and I think it might be kind of cool to do or at least try to do once a week since I do want this to be like a journal as well. So, here we go...

Today is... March 24, 2010.

Outside My Window... Well, I am at work and I don't really have a window per say. however, I can see outside. It's sunny and chilly. Roughly in the mid-forties. I don't really care because the SUN is out.

I am Thinking... about my job and how it's irritating me today. I am sick of the double standards. I am sick of the feeling I get when I walk into the room, like they were just talking about me. I am sick of the snarky remarks and the back stabbing. Today, Arizona can't come fast enough.

I am thankful for... On the flip side of the above statement, I am thankful I have a job to bitch about. I am also thankful for my family, my friends, and my lovey and the kids. I believe God kept placing him in the forefront of my mind and me in his so that our time apart wouldn't be long.

What I have learned this week... I can't control everything. It doesn't always get to be my way. No matter how planned out I have it in my head. Sometimes, if I let go, the people I love, just may surprise me...

I am wearing... Office attire. Old School lace-less chucks (black with white toe), White socks, jeans, black tank top, long black cardigan sweater.

I am creating... stew. As in, I am stewing. Work put me in a mood today..

I am going... home tonite and kissing my bee. Mainly for being him, but also for agreeing to move to Arizona with me :)

I am reading... "The Shack". I started it about three months ago. I am on Chapter three I think. It's only about 180 pages. I haven't gotten that far. I hear it's sad, but a GREAT book. I don't have anything bad to say so's just I haven't been the reading mood. I hope that changes soon...

I am hoping... Bee and I find jobs...good Arizona so that we can move as soon as my lease is up (September of this year)

I am hearing... My little space heater running (I heart that little guy), office chatter, phones ringing, the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard as I type this..

Around the House... We are busy. As usual. Outdoor practice started yesterday for Bee's football team. "C" had guitar lessons yesterday, and "Little Man" is curiouser by the day. This weekend we have a fundraiser on Friday night for Bee's team, Saturday is "The Ball", and Sunday I would like to get a visit in with my parents since my mom will being getting home today from Arizona (She's only been gone for two months.)

One of my Favorite things this week... Was when Bee won his championship game for flag football. On his birthday. He was and still is pretty much on cloud nine from it.

A Few Plans this week... Like I said, we have a busy weekend. Fundraiser is Friday, "The Ball" is Saturday, and Sunday maybe a visit to my mom and dad's.

A Picture Thought... Riding up front is Serious Business...

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