Thursday, March 18, 2010

My "Rational" Fears

I am horrified of the following things in no particular order: Zombies, Clowns, Carnies, Midgets, Spiders, and Demonic Possession (mine or otherwise, but mostly mine).


Or, "Zimbees" as I usually refer to them as. I can not watch Zimbee movies by myself or at night. If I do, there's a good chance I'll be up all night. My friends laugh at me and tell me they aren't real, but I have a child-like belief (in some cases, you can call it faith) that God made the world and all who reside in it. He made Heaven and hell and all who reside in those places too. Satan is not omni-present and all powerful like God is, but he was God's favorite and most powerful angel. He can't do things as well as God, but he can imitate some of God's powers. In this case, Resurrection. God did it perfectly in Lazarus and Jesus. Satan, if he did it, it would not be perfect or would the person he resurrected be like they were in life before death, hence, Zimbee-like.

Going another direction with zimbees....I am not naive enough to think that with all of the leaked reports we see these days, or the "de-classified" documents coming out now from even as far back as the forties and fifties of all the chemical and biochemical warfare we as a country (along with Russia, China, Japan, Iraq, and Germany and God knows how many other countries who won't admit it)
were experimenting with that there isn't a chance that we haven't come up with a virus that could re-animate a dead body or at the very least, degrade your brain to the point it only functions on the very basic primal functions. The thought of dead, or half dead contagious things out there coming after me gives me the heebee jeebee's.

We've all seen (or at least heard of) "28 Days" and "Resident Evil". I'm just saying that it's possible. Not that it will...but if it does, one should at least have a plan. Know it. Memorize it. Share it with only your loved ones because if and when it happens, resources will be in high demand and at that point, it's survival of the fittest. If it's between me or you, guess who I'm going to choose...


I'm not really sure what brought this on. As a child, I didn't really have much exposure to clowns. It wasn't really the "in" thing in my circle of friends to have them at your birthday party or whatever. I can tell you though that I have never trusted them. I think it's all the make-up. The fact that, even if they are not happy, they can paint a smile on with alllll that make-up and it looks like they are smiling. Plus, all of their features and clothes are over-sized and exaggerated. I don't like it. It's not natural. I fear the unnatural.

It also creeps me out that a lot of clowns are child molesters, drunks, rapists, or people who can't let go of their childhood. Most clowns work for themselves, so it's not like someone is doing a background check. Plus, I don't like when people try to communicate without words. I don't want to hear you "honk", sign, wink, or whatever else. It's not funny.

Plus, I think the movie IT had something to do with it too..


My Aunts and one of my cousins were at some point in their lives, "On the Carnival" as they say. They will tell you that most carnies are one or more of the following, ex-cons, current cons on the lamb, drug addicts, homeless, runaways, drunks, wife-beaters, child molesters, crazy, thieves, con-artists, or in general, just running from something.

These are the people we allow are teen age children to run around unsupervised around. These are the people we entrust our lives and our children's lives to while on carnival rides. These are the people we give our money to thinking we have a fair shot at winning one of their games.

Carnies (and may I point out, I'm not talking about a Church Carnival. I am talking about the traveling Carnival) are shifty, shady, and remind me of black magic and voodoo. Not too sure why on the last part (Maybe too much ICP? I dunno...) They are drifters and gypsies and I can't trust anyone who can't be tied down in one spot too long.

Plus, how many times have we heard of young kids going missing at the carnival? Yup, one more score for the carnies..


OK, I feel bad about this one. Seriously, I do. I mean, these people can't help being born the way they are. However, at the same time, I can't help that they creep me out.

I really think it's the fact they have adult sized heads and adult looking faces, yet the body and size of a toddler. They have small hands and odd-shaped bottom halves and it's just "unnatural" looking. I don't like "Unnatural" looking things. Scared me. Makes my skin crawl. It also reminds me of carnies and well, we know how I feel about them...

I guess I'm not as scared of the normal "hey-I'm-just-trying-to-live-a-normal-life type midgets. I am not going to hang out with them or anything, but I could handle being in the same room with them. However, it's the ones who try to make their living off of the fact they are a midget that I don't like. The in-your-face-I'm-gonna-touch-you type. The kind you'd find in the circus or carnival. Or, the stripper lap-dancing ones are the ones that make my skin crawl.

I still get uneasy though when that show "Little People: Big World comes on...


OK, this is a common one so I won't waste too much time on it.
I will dance around a spider for like an hour working up the nerve to kill it. However, when I do, it's a huge power trip for me. I don't like them near me, or even in the same room as me.

At my parents house, they get huge wolf spiders. They used to love my car. Every car I had while I lived there was a spider magnet. Ew.

Demonic Possession, Mine or otherwise, but mostly mine...

Ok, here's another example of something that could and does happen! When I first saw the Exorcist, I didn't sleep for a week! The thought of the debil (yes, I know it's spelled wrong...) or deamons invading my body or someone else's body around me horrifies me to no end.

If you look in the Bible, there are cases where possesion happens, so I know it's real. I saw the Exorcsim of Emily Rose! That's a true story! She did not look so hot in that movie. There were six demons in her and they weren't letting go! She was a faithful Christian's just like those people who get Stigmata. I love Jesus and all, but I don't know if I could handle those sorts of tests...

I know to everyone else my fears may seem silly...but as you can see, to me, they are all quite rational ;)

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