Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who needs an alarm clock, when you have kids??

Kids don't understand Saturdays.

They don't understand work weeks, and getting up extra early in order to get them up to get them ready so that you can then get yourself ready...and get them to the babysitters and get to work yourself all without being late. They don't understand the stress of the day. Trying not to piss off the boss or co-workers, getting your work done correctly and in some cases safely, and then coming home to start your second job...which is making sure their homework is done and done correctly, dinner is cooked, served, ate, and cleaned up after, Baths are taken, clothes are washed and ready for the next day, backpacks are packed and ready to go, and lunches are made for tomorrow and then it's off to bed to get up and do it again tomorrow..

They just don't understand Saturdays...

7am this morning, this is what I hear...



The walls are rattling.

"HEY! It's my turn!!"

"HEY!! Don't Hit me!!"

"Well, gimme the controller, then!!"


Then more CRASH!! BOOM! BANG!!! THUD!!! Then Crying ensued. Then, I get up, I open up the bedroom door, tell them to quit fighting, and turn it down or the can go back to bed.

All gets quiet for for about half and hour. I am juuuuusssttt about back to sleep (Meanwhile, "B" is asleep through it all...I suppose that happens when the children are from your just learn to tune it all out....)

I am Jolted awake by what sounds like an actual LIVE show of what USED to be the band "Queen" singing, "We are the Champions"

They are now playing RockBand. I applaud them for finding a game all three can play, But at 7:30am on a Saturday it is not MY game of choice....especially on "B's TV with surround sound....

So, I roll over and grab the April Issue of "Cosmopolitan" that "B" so sweetly bought for me last night while we were at Wal-Mart (I had to have it! Lady GaGa was on the cover! I love her!! and he knows that) and began to read. Shortly after that, "B" woke up and we started our day.

I have been up for what seems like the whole day. I was concerned why no one has text me yet today, until I saw the clock..and realized that none of my friends are up yet. You see, they most likely went out and got trashed last night and won't see the light of afternoon until about 3pm today. Haha! Honestly though, I am OK with that.

When "B" and I were broken up, I had fun on weekends, but I felt like I spent them partying too hard and then spending the whole next day got old. I missed this..I just wish I could have gotten a little more sleep on my Saturday. :)

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