Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School Pranks

A post on one of the blogs I read made me think of some of the pranks that the kids played at my school. It's getting to be that time of year again when the current High School Seniors are going to start scheming to come up with that "perfect" high school prank to leave as their "parting gift" to the school.

Playing a prank is a fine line you have to walk. You want it to be good. Original. In order for that to happen, it has to be something that effects everyone. Perhaps stops or delays the school day from starting. However, you have to be careful. You can't do damage or harm to anyone. You are about to graduate and these people can stop that from happening if you make them too upset.

Some of the pranks that went on in my school were pretty good. Some of them got kids in troubble. Some were just plain dumb. One year, a kid hit a skunk on the way to school. He went back later, scraped up the little bugger, froze him, and then later went back and put him in the Heating Duct to thaw and spread his nasty skunky (and decaying) smell around the school when the heat kicked on. We had one where someone bought thousands of marbles and dumped them down the hallway. It was pretty funny until a girl slipped on them and fell down the stairs. There were several cases where someone bought about 20 feeder mice and let them loose.

Then there was always the TP'ing of the school. This happened after every big win in football. It happened on the First and Last days of school. It happned at the beginning and ending of any spirit week. However, when you personally got TP'ed, it was not really a bad thing in my school. Kids who were liked were always the ones to get it. (I got it once. I am thinking this was more because I was across the street from a more popular girl...and they always got her. I think they were bored and didn't want their night of TP'ing to end)

The Best ones went down in the record books and are still be talked about today...

The "Big Boy"

There used to be a "Big Boy" Resturant in my town a long time ago. As with all "Big Boy" Resturants, the "Big Boy" statue is located outside somewhere near the door. One senior class was going to make it their mission to be the only senior class to steal the statue.

Up to that point, many senior classes had tried, and all had failed. Usually with a broken bumper or ticket from the police for vandalism to prove it. However one class finally did succeed. It took them all night, but the next day when the 1st period bell rang, there he was, in all his glory, sitting on the front lawn of the school.

The Administration was of course upset (I am sure they actually found it funny, but for appearences, they came down hard. Eventually though, a deal was struck that if whomever took the statue put it back before the 8am bell the next day, no punishments would be inflicted. Someone didn't sleep for two whole days...

Handicap Parking

This was a prank that is actually quite genius and easy if you get enough people to committ to it.

You get the whole (or most anyway) student body to show up with their very own Handicap Parking Stencil made from posterboard. Then you spray paint all the hanicapped parking spots black to match the asphalt making them appear to be "regular" spots. Then, you take your students with their "Stencil" and have each one take a few spaces and paint them Hanicapped so when it's all said and done, you have a parking lot with about ten parking spaces and the rest are handicapped. If you can't find a place to park, how can you go to school???

We attempted this one...but not enough people showed. It would have taken us all night and with the police station across the street...it wasn't gonna happen.

Plastic Fork Garden

We took Thousands and Thousands and thousands of plastic forks and stuck them into the ground on the schools front lawn. We had to clean it up, but the landscapers didn't mind. We airrated the lawn for them!

For Sale!

One Year, the senior class prank was simple, but spoke volumes. They stole a "For Sale" Sign from a near by house and stuck it in the school's front yard.

Red Phone Ransom

My Senior year, we stole the red phone. Our Principal loved to hear himself talk. He would make at least three or four announcements a day that would go on for 5-10 minutes each time. He talked so much, the teachers would even roll their eyes when he would come on over the P.A. He didn't like standing in the hallway outside his office and use the microphone, so he had a red phone installed at his desk that when he picked it up, he was instantly live over the P.A. This enabled him to prattle on in the comfort of his own cushy Chair.

well, my senior class stole his phone in April and held it for ransom. We placed ransom notes all over the school and had messages of our "demands" read over the morning announcements. Finally, at graduation, it was given back to the principal by the student council President. Good times :)

What Kind of pranks did you pull? What stands out in your mind as legendary?

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