Friday, March 19, 2010

No more Carmel Frappe's at 10 o'clock..

Last night, after I got home, Bee loaded us all up in the car and we went to the license bureau to renew his plates. I told him I didn't think they would be open...his response?

"Baby. They are just right around the corner from's not like I have to go downtown".

I wanted to tell him that just because the DMV is "Right around the corner", doesn't make them stay open past Five. It's a Government office, or, Satan's Asshole" as I like to call it. But, Bee "knows better" than me, and off we went. Well, after he searched for like twenty minutes to find all of his papers. He got home from work at like three. I don't understand why he had to wait until the second I walk in the door to start looking for things.

I guess that's a pet peeve of mine with Bee. Most days, he is home by two thirty in the afternoon. I get out of work at five, but by the time I fight traffic to get home, it's five thirty. I work a set schedule, Monday through Friday. This never changes. He knows, that come hell or high water, I am walking in that door between five thirty and five forty, depending on traffic. Plus, I call him on my way home, so, he knows. He also knows any and all plans he has or thing he wants to do. He rarely shares them with me, so, like last night, I walk in the door and have no idea he wants to go to the DMV and that the kids and I are to go with him. We are all bustling around now trying to get ready to leave and he's all impatient because the kids aren't ready. Bee, we can't read your mind. Also, you get home at Two Thirty Why are you waiting until now to try and run your errands?

But, I digress. Anyway, we load up and scoot out the door. We get to the DMV. Surprise, closes at five. Weird. They were just around the corner...

We go on our merry way, look at a few cars that are for sale in the varrious car lots along the main drag out there, stop off at Taco Bell/Long John Silvers, grab dinner, narrowly avoid a spanking or two (the kids, not us) and head back home.

We get back to the house, eat, and then Bee takes off for practice. Well, Conditioning because they are on a BYE for practice. While Bee is gone, I decide to surprise him by cleaning the house and doing some much needed laundry. The kids stayed home with me because punishments of the severe kind were handed out on Wednesday for touching dad's things and having no respect for them (IE: Braking dad's favorite XBOX game, then putting it back without saying anything....and then lying about it when asked) so they were not allowed to go with dad and play with their friends. They showered, picked up their things for me, and hung out in their bedrooms (I was cleaning and I prefer to do that alone. However, if you are going to be in my way IE: the livingroom, you can help. Hence, they voluntarly went to their rooms lol!)

Around ten o'clock Bee called and asked if I wanted a Milkshake because he felt like stopping for one. I told him no thanks, because Milkshakes make me violent and violently ill due to the fact they are packed with sugar, that I can not have due to Gastric Bypass Surgery, and Milk, because I am lactose intolerant...also from gastric bypass surgery. However, Diet Coke sounded super because I was parched. Twenty minutes later he walked in the door and handed me a large (I'm guessing 32oz?) Carmel Frappee' from McDonalds...with carmel and whip cream and a large Diet Coke, stating he felt really bad at the thought of him enjoying dessert, and me not having anything. It was so sweet of a comment, that I just couldn't point out the fact that it probably had more sugar and just about as much milk as a milkshake. He thought of me. He knows I love my coffee and was sooo proud of himself for getting me a treat too!

I tried a few sips, and it tasted like a Starbucks Carmel Machiatto. My system can handle those...somtimes...if I drink them kinda slow. If not, one two or all three things happen...I get a horrible stomache ache, I am stuck in the bathroom for awhile (my preferred reaction out of the three) or I get a low blood sugar about twenty minutes later. Well, I lucked out and none of the above happened! However, I was wwwwiiirrreeeddd! I talked, and talked, and talked, and talked, and talked. Then we went to bed, and I talked, and talked, and talked, and talked, and talked.

Bee finally told me to shut my hole, and he fell asleep. That was at around Tweleve Thirty. I was up till almost two. I stared at the ceiling for awhile, then I watched T.V., then figited...then finally fell asleep. I woke up this morning feeling the call of Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee. ha!

He is out of town tonite and I have the kiddos....lookin for something to do. Hmm..maybe we'll run to wal-mart and get stuff for a birthday cake and maybe a present or two...

Afterall, Bee turns the big 4-0 tomorrow :)

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