Monday, March 22, 2010

We are the Champions My Friend...

Over the weekend two exciting things happened. Bee Turned 40 and as the title and picture of this blog suggest, he became a Champion. The amazing part? Both were on the same day. Happy Birthday to my lovey! :)

I had big plans for this weekend. Well, not huge, but I had a few things I wanted to do for Bee for his birthday. You only turn 40 once, right? Well, about two weeks ago he informed me he would most likely be leaving the day before his birthday and head down to Southern Ohio for a Football Team-Owners meeting that was Saturday (his actual birthday) at 1pm. He didn't want to have to get up early and drive down there. Plus, he figured he could stay with his brother (my "Band Friend" I met him through) who now lives there. He said the meeting would probably go for several hours and he would most likely be getting back around 8 or 9 on Saturday night.

I was mad. However, I was even more upset when he told me that because they had won their flag football game the week before, they Semi-Finals would be Saturday night so he had to rush home to be at his game. If they won the Semi-Finals, then they would immediately start the Championship game and the winner would be decided that night!

Basically, he was taking all the plans I had for this "perfect" birthday weekend, and flushed them down the toilet. When I protested and ask him if he could give up just one football game...just one...(I was already mad about him ruining my day plans, but the night plans could have been salvaged. ) he just said,

But baby, it's the Championship. We have a good shot at winning!

I was still mad. It just flag football. It's not like it's his semi-pro team or anything...and it's his birthday!

"Besides, you know I don't like a fuss to be made over my birthday. It's just another day."

I didn't know he felt that way. Birthday's are a big deal for me. I like everyone to know when my special day is! No one has ever made a bigger deal about my birthday than me. No one has ever taken the time to throw me a surprise birthday party or anything...I guess I am just childish when it comes to my birthday. Whatever. It's My day, so I can do whatever I want!

That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is Bee's day. HIS birthday. Why shouldn't he spend it doing whatever it is he wants??Especially playing the game he loves. I mean, really loves. If he had to rank the things/people he loves in order of importance it would be like this:

1. Kids/Mom
1.5 Me/Football
2. Brothers/Sisters.

Sometimes, that order has been known to change...haha! But the important thing was, Football is something he loves. It makes him feel alive, Important, fulfilled, excited, needed, and respected. It was HIS day, damnit, so if he wanted to spend it painting his nails and curling his hair, he had the right to do it and I needed to just get over myself.

Which I did. :) He ended up having a great weekend. He got a night of peace and quiet, a bed to himself (which he confessed would have been better had I been it it with him. I must agree ;) lol) , Saturday morning he got to wake up when he wanted, lounge around, have more time to himself, then meet with other Semi-Pro team owners and discuss league matters. Then, he got himself what he claims was some of the BEST chicken (or as we say "Chank-en") for the ride home. He came home where there were cookies, a homemade cake, kiddos, and a Monkee (the latter two loving him and missing him oodles!) waiting for him. Then we allll loaded up in the Family Truckster, and headed off to football where my Bee won both of his games and became a first time Football Champion. When we got in bed Saturday night, Bee says to me (But I think it was more for himself to make it seem real),

"Baby! I am a champion!"

And he is. Even if he hadn't have won his game, he still would have been my champion.


Sunday morning we slept in until 10am. Bee says to me, "Baby, we made it until 10! They actaully let us sleep until 10!" My Response was simply, and flatly "Baby, that's because the kiddo's are grounded from the XBOX" He laughed and agreed.

We got up, got our "Yogurt" (Yoga) pants on, and went into the living room. Kids went outside to play after some breakfast, and Bee got some XBOX time in. I watched a few episodes of "Weeds", my new favorite show and God Bless Netflix. I can watch all the episodes on my computer online! YAY for Modern Technology! I mean, Lord knows I never get the TV remote and I am never home to watch my shows that I am sure are overflowing my DVR box at home.

Eventually, we got dressed and went out and about for the day. Bee wanted to go to the apple store and check out ipods. On the way, we were listening to the radio and that's when he discovered his new favorite song. "Imma Be.." by the BlackEyedPeas. He likes it because they say "I'm a Bee" over and over again. It makes him laugh.

Baby! This is MY song! They wrote it for ME!"

Then he does this little dance. It's freaking histerical. Anyway, we went to the apple store, then to Dicks Sporting Goods (one of his favorite stores) and then we stopped and had dinner at Golden Corral. After dinner, the kids asked if we could go to the park. So we stopped off at a state park that has a beautiful waterfall and walked around working our dinner off. Not the kind of park I think the kids wanted, but a park none the less :) We stopped for Custard, and then headed home. Kiddos took their baths, and then off to bed.

Bee told me he had a wonderful birthday weekend. He got peace and quiet and relaxation, two games of football, a championship, time with me and the kids, and I did all his laundry lol! All and all, a good weekend!

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet love! I hope to spend many more birthdays celebrating together :)

Pictures from the Park

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