Friday, October 29, 2010

If you so much as THINK about touching my $80 candy...

Ok, WHAT the heck happened to the price of happiness in the form of refined sugar and hydrogenated corn syrup?!

I just got back from buying my Halloween Candy. My bill was $80 dollars. That's 80 AMERICAN dollars for those following along at home!

Ok, I will admit, I bought other things as well, but I swear on my Wally World receipt, that 90% of the bill was CANDY! I didn't even buy all that much compared to other years. Sweet Mercy, I will regret that later. It also didn't help that I opened my big "it's-getting-cold-and-I-really-wanna-bake" mouth and offered to bake for Bee's football meeting next week. Bee can tell you, my cooking is good, my baking is better, and it didn't take long before I had 53 guys putting in requests for baked goods. Some are even coming because they heard cookies and treats will be available.

Ah, boys. I always say with a good cookie or pie, you can get them to do anything.

Anyway, I have to stash the candy in my car because if it's left out or even hidden in a cupboard, it WILL be found by Bee or the kiddos and if I tell them to STAY OUT of it, it only encourages them more. I'll see how many kids we get because if it's some lame amount, then I am not going to hand any out next year and save myself the $80.00.

Who am I kidding...I'll so be at it again next year. But if it goes up to $100, I am quitting Halloween!

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Sarah said...

I know...I spent an insane amount on candy this year too. I couldn't even bring myself to look at my receipt!