Monday, October 25, 2010

But, at least the Steeler's won...

This weekend was to start with some girl time. I left work and went to go see BFF Rose. She was feeling kind of down and needed someone to talk to. Not to mention, we haven't hung out since Labor Day. Her lovely sister Lily came out with us and we headed out to see Lily's co-worker's band. We also tried Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka. Yummy!

After dropping Lily off at home, we were heading out to the next bar, when we saw this outside of someone's house. They were 15-20 feet high and were three dimensional, not cut-outs. It was kinda scary actually. :) BFF Rose and I talked a lot and aired out a lot of stuff and I think we are perfectly ok now :)

Saturday, I woke up really early (especially after a night of drinking) and loaded up on the best cup of coffee ever. BBF Rose makes the best coffee. She even had a disposable coffee cup ready for me!

I went and picked up the kiddos at Grandma Bee's where they spent the night because since I went to BFF Rose's, Bee had some guys over for Xbox, beer and Pizza. Then off to C's game. This was her final playoff game and if they won, they were going to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they lost. They played the first half over confident and by the time they corrected it, it was too late.Oh well, Great Season, Riverhawks!

Oh yeah, and a friend of ours had puppies. Well, their dog had puppies, not them :) Our other friend was taking one of the puppies and asked if we could bring it to them. So, we transported and puppy-sat during two football games.  J Bawled when we had to give the dog to the new owner. Bee looked at me pleadingly like "Can we get her one?!" and here's my response. N-O!

Listen, I LOVE dogs. I want one really bad. I do! However, I can't get these kids to remember to take the trash  out or clean their rooms or even bring their laundry downstairs so I can do it, how are they going to take care of a dog? I have the three of them AND Bee to take care of, I don't need a puppy too. Bee certainly would have nothing to do in caring for it. Also, we are gone ALL THE TIME, so how is that fair to the puppy? Bee says "We could take it with us!" yeah, and wherever we go, I will be responsible to watch it. No thanks. Not to mention, I like my shoes not chewed on, and my clothes sans pet hair.

I chose not to get a kitten for the same reason. Littler box changing, pet hair, feeding's too much.

                                            But they sure look cute together, don't they??

Anyway, Then the five of us, including the dog, headed off to Bee's game. We had 53 guys show.


They had 15. That's amazing! Now, granted, not all of them are good players. And, in the end, only about 35 will make the team. But, for a team who hasn't even had their first season yet, that's amazing! A lot of these guys are old team mates, so it was nice seeing familiar faces.

In the end, we lost. It's ok though because here's the facts. We are a new team and the team we went up against were the League champs. We've only had two practices as a team, and since this was a "pick up" game of sorts, there were no refs or a clock and the person who "reffed" the game was the other team's Owner soo...all those things considering, we held our own and only lost by two touchdowns.
Best friend is embarrassed by the fact his uniform is from the old team. He was covering up the name as not to spread the curse!
Our lovely trainer, Britney poses with "Lil Joey". It's hard to tell, but they're both only about 5'3.

After the football game, we loaded up and continued west to my parents house where they and my sister had a little Halloween party. Our friend Chelsea and her Fiance Scott and their three kids came as well as Bee, the Kiddos and I. My brother and his girlfriend and their two kids were supposed to come, but at the last minute, one of the girls got sick. They got all the kids little treat bags filled with more candy then they could ever eat, along with little dime store toys and novelties. We also had dinner, with more candy, and then, PUMPKIN CARVING!
                                      Mama with her black eye from her Biopsy. Thankfully, all is well!
                                   J has already gotten into her candy! She had a lot of fun that night!
                           From Left to Right we have Poppy, Little Man, Bee, and My sister, Sock :)

                                    C doesn't mess around and got to business carving her pumpkin!

Chelsea, the resident artist of the group was working hard on her 4th pumpkin of the night. The wee ones lost interest fast!

My baby! That's Gypsy. Probably first picture since she was a wee little puppy (She's 10, now) that she has allowed me to take her picture. I swear she thinks the camera will steal her soul.
Bee hard at work. I like the idea of carving pumpkins, and I love the SEEDS, but I hate the actual work of carving a pumpkin, so Bee and I made a deal. I scooped out all the seeds and cleaned our pumpkin out, and he would carve it. He made ours a Ram's head. ha!
J's Pumpkin

Bee's and my Pumpkin

C's  pumpkin (She would like you to note, that's his tongue sticking out)

And the picture of  Little man's pumpkin wouldn't upload for some reason...however, it's pictured below on our front porch. It's on the right, right above the two uncarved pumpkins. It has 9 eyes :)

I totally plan on getting a picture of the kiddos on the porch with the pumpkins and all things fall..but we haven't had them all together since they were put out there :)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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Good friends are the best!

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