Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our First Homecoming!

J had Homecoming tonight. She was very very excited because well, who wouldn't be? The hair, the make-up, the Dress and the shoes! Oh, and the fact that she has never been to a dance before because her mom wouldn't allow it.

Two days before the dance, she came and picked up J and took her for coffee. She warned her of all the dangers of going to small town school dances. That have two police officers in attendance, chaperone's, teachers, and some of the brightest kids in Ohio in attendance. Dangers such as, roofies, kidnapping, raping, kissing, sex, and drinking. There is also the potential of spiking the punch.

After Bee talked the poor girl down of the ceiling when she got home, we calmly explained that while this could happen, she could also get hit by a bus when she steps out of the house tonight. While Perry is a small town of good country boys, it's not a bad after school special.

We reminded her to be watchful, as you should be in any situation, to act like a proper lady, behave, and mostly, to HAVE FUN!!!!

I think she will have a blast!

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Sarah said...

Hope J had a great time! Can't believe her mom would scare her like that.