Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you, Office Meeting!

With moving into the new house, Bee and I combining incomes, and therefore bills, and just overall trying to manage merging our lives together, it's been kind of rough. Bee and I actually got into a fight on Friday over money. I told him with all the drama in our lives that can tear us apart, I do not want money to be one of those things.

Anyway, in the interest of saving money, I have have been packing every one's lunches. We haven't been shopping in awhile, so I've been trying to give the "better" stuff to Bee and the kiddos. Today was one of those days when my lunch was super boring.  In fact, I was really wishing I didn't have to eat it, it was so boring.

Then, I walked into the kitchen at work, and there was FOOD! There was a meeting and there was left over food, and my boring lunch was thwarted!

Thank you, boring lunch meeting I didn't have to attend!

(It was so good, I had to take a bite before I took a picture! lol!)

Other Good news, Little Man got his Interim Report. He is at a 3rd grade level in math, reading, comprehensive skills, and all of his behavior, following of the rules etc are a "4", and 4 is the best. Oh yeah, he is still in only the first 6 weeks of Second Grade!! I am sooo proud of him! And C?  She won the super star award for being a good kid :) The older two have their interim reports mailed. We should know in a day or so :)

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