Thursday, October 28, 2010

I throw caution to the wind! I laugh in the face of danger!

I totally sleep an hour past my alarm!

Well, that last part was just today. I hate oversleeping. It rarely happens to me because I am such a control freak that I control my body and when it wakes up.

You're totally freaked out by that. That's ok. I am too. However, it doesn't change the fact that I can tell myself three times before bed, "Wake up at 6:00am" and my eyes will flutter open like spring butterflies at 5:59am.

Most of the time.

Anywho, I rise most mornings at 6am. I shower, get mostly dressed, wake the two young ones, set up breakfast, fight J for the bathroom upstairs long enough to get whatever sweater or shoes I will be wearing (I kinda hate that they get the big bathroom with my closet...yet, I love my closet), and then as they're eating, I unload the dishwasher, or fold laundry, make coffee, eat breakfast, surf facebook....the usual.

However, today I woke at the alarming hour of 7am. SEVEN! AM! I threw jammies on, ran through the house shouting kid's names, but careful not to sound too alarmed because Little Man is going through a phase where he is scared to DEATH of being late. He asks me every day if we are on time or running late and if I hesitate in my answer, he freaks. Now, we leave the house between 7:25-7:35am every day. He goes to before school childcare because his school doesn't start until NINE am. 9! I have to be to work at 8:30, so there is no way he'll ever be late. Yet, he is afraid of it.

I got them up, threw breakfast AT the table, and hopped in the shower. I got done just as the girls were walking out to the bus. Threw a lunch together and was walking out the door when Bee text and ask for me to bring breakfast. By the time I found his money and really DID get out the door, we were about 4 minutes later to latchkey than normal. Little man didn't seem to notice, which was good!

Of course, traffic backed up on the off ramp to Bee's work, the girl at McDonald's triple checking that yes, in fact, I DID want 12  shots of vanilla (Bee loves him some vanilla), and dropping breakfast off to Bee made me run late. But honestly, I didn't care.

I like seeing my baby before work in the morning.

In other news, I did it. I decided to put the ads on my page. For now. See if anything happens. I also joined Blogher's waiting list to have them advertise on my site too. I am a fan of them so, I would very much like if I get selected for that!

Tonight is pumpkin carving, I think. C has practice for her all star game, but I think we will be too busy Friday or Saturday. Hmmm..We'll see. Little man has his party at school tomorrow, which I was not selected for, so I can't go. However, I do get to do Christmas and Valentines Day...which will be nice. He is so very excited about wearing his costume and all the festivities and the parade. My word, the parade...Then Sunday, supposedly Grandma and Grandpa S are going to come out to the house with the neighbor boy who is friends with Little Man and C, and take them all trick or treating in our neighborhood.

For the kiddo's sake, I hope they do come. However, I'd be perfectly fine if they didn't come to my house, and pretend to be nice to my face. I also don't like how they feel the need to bring up their daughter 17 times and remind Bee how "she really misses them" or "you really should get a number she can call. Kids need to talk to their mother" and things of that nature. It's one thing to know where I live. It's another to step foot in my house. However, I'm a Christian lady, so, should they show up, I'll be sweet, cordial, invite them in, and offer a cold/hot beverage. If Christ can love them, well, he can love them for me and I'll just be nice :)

I really hope they do show up though. C and Little Man have done nothing but talk about it since Labor Day and I hate when those two get let down. We'll see though..

We'll see....

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