Monday, October 4, 2010

We did it again!

Well, I suppose I Had nothing to do with it. Although, I think if it weren't for all my cheering and rooting from the sidelines, C's team would not have scored as much as they did ;)

Yes, they did it! Riverhawks are still undefeated and they are now 5-0! This is their best record ever! I would have posted pictures but the pictures from every game all kind of look the same, and same is boring.

Annnd, 15 seconds into the game I was nominated to video tape it for the coaches, therefore, I got one picture and that was obscured because Little Man decided he HAD to throw away his pop bottle at the exact same moment I took the picture. Whatever.

After the game we went to one of the coaches houses for the little "after party". I finally had to pull bee away at 8:30 from the awesome man-cave that our friend has because the children were exhausted and needed baths.

J even fell asleep on their couch. She had so much fun at the homecoming dance and staying out until 11pm really wore her out. So we loaded up and went home.

The kids bathed, and went to bed and Bee and I worked on fixing our wood burner that decided to die out on us. It's still in pieces on my floor. I really hope bee can fix it tonight because I really love that little guy....the wood burner that is. Oh, and I suppose Bee too ;)

Overall, a very uneventful, but good weekend, but as always, never long enough!

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