Monday, October 18, 2010

Rock with the Black, and Roll with the Gold!

This weekend was all about Black and Gold Football for us here at the Monkee-Bee Family. Friday night, we ran around making arrangements for the kids since my mom was sick. (She finds out today the results of her test). Bee meticilously packed his bag. Which, I found to to be peticularly interesting because it was probably the first time in over a year that has happened. He usually has me do it. However, since we were going to be busy in the moring and the game was 3 1/2 hours away, probably better he did it. If something didn't get packed, it was on him.

We loaded up in the car, dropped the kids at the various places they would be spending the night at, picked up John and Ethan and headed out. Well, first we stopped at got breakfast. $24.00 worth of breakfast. Feeding linemen is expensive!

About and hour down the road, it became apparent that the two 16 oz coffee's and one 22oz diet coke were not going to let me wait until West Virgina to be released back out into the wild. I had to go, but it wasn't an emergency yet, so I let Bee know he was going to have to stop. Being the only girl in the car, I got all the moans and the "leave it to a woman to have to pee every five seconds" speech. 5 perfectly good exits later, I was beating on the seat telling Bee if he didn't pull off at the next exit NOW, he was going to have a wet seat, and a cranky girlfriend.

After all that, when we arrived at McDonalds for me to go pee, all of a sudden 3 others had to pee. In fact, I may have been shoved out the way.

Back on the road, I swore to the boys I'd lay off the beverages so that we could make it down to the game before it started. 2 1/2 hours later, we were there. Shortly thereafter, others started arriving and the other girlfriends showed up. Since there was 3 hours until the game, and the guys were going to be on the field practicing, two of the other girlfriends and I went to McDonald's to get lunch. 

Here's where we yukked it up and realized how our men were oh-so alike. I really liked those girls :) Then, we headed back for the game.

Oh what a game it was, too! Midwest Rams made their debut on the Semi-Pro football scene and proved we were a force to be reckoned with.  We played for the "East" team, and came out strong. We lots a little steam in the middle, and went into the 4th quarter behind by 8 points. However, by the end, we ended up winning 31-21. GO EAST!

After the game, we got some pictures of our whole team, then just the guys from our area, then, just the ones playing for our home team/played this season on our team. Then we headed off to the bingo hall where they had a very tasty dinner for us and a little banquet. Bee and the guys all go plaques and stickers for their helmets proclaiming they were participants. Bee was very honored that he was there and had a great time!

After dinner, we loaded back up and headed out. I can't really tell you much after that because I was passed out in the back seat. It's hard work cheering for the team ;) We finally made it home and got into bed around 1am Sunday.

6:45 the alarm went off. I got up and got ready, then got C's stuff ready while Bee took his turn in the shower. We went and picked up all the kids and headed out to C's 1st playoff game. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. This was the playoffs, so the team we were playing was good too.

There was much concentration from the players...

Little Man and J were totally riveted to the game out on the field....

In the end, we beat the snot out of the other team. 14-0 was the final score, making our season record 7-0 going into the last round of playoffs. I am not one to count my chickens before they hatch, but....from what I hear, the team we play next week is a horrible team. How they made it into the play offs baffles me, but I guess better for us? Hmm...

Seriously, how cute is this kid? He's one of the coaches kids. SWEETEST little boy you will ever meet.

After the big win, we went to one of the coaches houses (The father of the boy pictured above). We watched the Steeler's WIN, and then came home and relaxed until 9:30 when we went to bed...

And after a wonderful, and busy weekend, it's time to get back to reality!

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