Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Fun Night!

Little Man's school had Family Fun night this evening. I wasn't so sure he was going to have fun, or that he even really wanted to go, because he is a man of little emotion.

I had asked Bee when the flyer came home if he was interested in going. His response was "yeah, that's kinda not my thing." Whatever. Maybe it's Little Man's thing, and maybe he should put some time in with his son. However, he lucked out because C made it to the playoffs and therefore, he had to take her. J went with her mom to a doctors appointment, so it was just little man and I.

We (ok, HE mostly) had a blast! He got to make a super hero cape
 got his face painted

 and jump in the bounce house. We also got to meet the K9 dog and his handler and got a paw-print autograph.

Then we hung out and helped our friends Rob and Amy and their two little girls make their super hero capes too!

At the end, he got a bomb-pop and was super excited.

When we got into the car, I asked him, "So, did you have fun at family fun night?" and his response was "Ummmm....Yeah! What kind of man WOULDN'T have fun with everything in there? A Dumb one, THAT'S who!"

Mission Accomplished!

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Sarah said...

Love it!!! I tell you what...Bee missed out! ;)