Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pants, who needs 'em?

Why do my children have an aversion to pants?

Every day for the last week and a half I have to send both little ones back to their rooms to change because they try to go to school in shorts. It's 52 degrees and raining. They come down wearing long sleeve shirts and hoodies puled tightly around their faces, shivering yet, shorts on their bottom half.

I get that shorts mean warm weather. Warm weather means more playing time outside and summer. However, wearing shorts when it's cold is not going to make the weather change it's mind. The only thing you accomplish is being cold.

Now I realize, I wear long sleeves when it's 90 degrees, so I might have a slightly skewed version of "cold", but still. I think 40's and 50's is cold enough to warrant pants.

Ah, to be young and not care about things like comfort ;)


Amander said...

Love the blog look and the new pictures. More pictures of YOU!

And it is funny when people wear shorts and hoodies. And 40's ABSOLUTELY warrants pants!

Sarah said...

My kids do the same thing. Actually, my husband does too! ;)