Friday, October 1, 2010

The Trains!!!

Because I have nothing to do at work, and because the lady seriously cracks me up, I have been reading the archives over at Big Mama's Blog. Waaay back in 2007, she did a post talking about sleep, and the trains. I seriously lol'ed at this because, Oh my word, the trains! Here's a little excerpt:

"I also lay awake and compose letters in my head that I am going to write to the head of whoever is in charge of trains, regarding how many times a train conductor should be allowed to blow their whistle at 2 a.m. and wake people out of a perfectly good sleep, people who need their sleep because they have a child who rarely sleeps through the night and if this happens to be one of those rare nights, then they certainly do not need to be awakened by some train conductor blowing his whistle 146 times because he is bitter that he is working the night train shift"
Ok, I live at the intersection of train hell. Seriously. The three busiest commercial train lines all run through my small little town. 250 feet from my house. I am not being over dramatic, they really do. It is estimated that anywhere between 300-700 trains pass through on any given day. THREE to SEVEN HUNDRED! That's a lot of freaking trains.

And yes, sometimes I wonder if the conductors think they are beat masters and have to give all of us in a 72 mile radius a sampling of their latest track. What's worse, they have to blow the whistle  Well, in one mile stretch of track, there are like 17 intersections. Sometimes, they start in the next town and just hold the horn down as they pass. This is usually at 2am.

I like sleep at 2am.

So, Melanie, I totally feel your pain! Your train pain.  (lame. I know. )

Good news? Bee and I can totally tell what time it is just by the train whistle. ;)


Sarah said...

LOVE Big Mama!! In our town they actually have recorded train whistles at the intersections...haven't figured that one out yet...

Monkee said...

wow! Really? weird! Seriously though, I told mike the other day that I thought the train conductor was trying to break some sort of record...or our windows!

And isn't big mama hilarious? In fact, I found her because of your post awhile back about the birthday club. :)