Friday, October 15, 2010

I made it!

Well, I didn't get fired. No one did. However, I feel something is still amiss. Hmmm...

Anyway, So far, this weekend is not shaping up like we planned. Originally, my parents were supposed come out and spend all day today with the kids while Bee and I were at work. Then, my mom was going to make all of us dinner and then I would hang out with them and maybe even bake while Bee played X-box with Big Country and the Punchin Pollack (Sounds like band, haha!) Then, they were all going to spend the night so that in the morning, my parents were here to be with the kids, and Bee, myself, and the other two guys were going to head out to West Virgina for the All Star game.

Except, that's not what's happening.

My mom called me at work yesterday and we were discussing what we wanted her to pick up from the store for us. She mentioned off handily that her eye was red and it hurt. She told me she made an appointment with her doctor to have it looked at because while she would have not really thought anything of it, she knew she'd be with the kiddos for two days, and if it was something like pink eye, she wanted to have the required two doses  of antibiotic in her system to make her no longer contagious.

She called me three hours later to tell me it wasn't pink eye.

Apparently, she is believed to have some, as the doctor put it, devastating, eye disease. Something to do with the artery in her temple. The Doctor sent her to an eye specialist right away. He agreed that he thought it was the same thing. They did a bunch of blood work and scheduled her for a biopsy for today. He explained she would have to take extremely high doses of steroid for 6 weeks to upwards of 2 years.

2 years.

My mom is a diabetic with "normal" high sugars. Steroids besides making you ravenously hungry, ill tempered, puffy looking, and have achy joints, they also cause your blood sugars to sky rocket. However, if she doesn't take them, she can go blind. Like, Instantly. It could come at any second. In fact, he warned her, that she was to go straight to the drug store and the very second they handed her the medicine, she was to take her first dose of 6 pills. He did explain that if she lost her vision before the steroids, it would be gone forever. However, if she is on the steroids, there's a good chance they can get her vision back if it starts to go. He also said that once on the medicine, her chances of sporadically losing her sight reduces drastically.

Today, she had her biopsy done. They removed 2 inches of her artery in her temple. We'll know Monday for sure if she in fact has this disease.

I am praying she doesn't. In fact, I asked God to heal her. I have faith he will, so I am choosing to believe that even though all signs point to "yes", it's really in fact a "no", and therefore not going to worry. I've been praying that prayer since yesterday. Please, if you don't mind, will you pray for it too? Thanks, Blog world!

As for the rest of the plans, the guys decided to spend the night at Big Country's house and we'll pick them up in the morning. I'm bummed because I was looking forward to having some company over.

Also, my mom's sudden illness, left us without a babysitter. I really did think I was going to have to stay home, but our friend Amy came through and is watching Little Man. The girls decided to go spend the day at Grandma Bee's. She has to work, so they'll be alone half the day, but J is 17 and can handle it.

Oh well, here's hoping that Bee win's his game! It's a big black and gold weekend here. We have Bee's game under the NEW TEAM's name, C's first play off, and the Steelers against the "home team", Cleveland Browns. Go Black and Gold! I'm sure I'll have more to report from the road. Until then...

Happy Sweetest day everyone!

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Sarah said...

Wow! Thank God that she decided to have her eye checked! If she hadn't planned on watching the kids, she might have put off going to the doctor...