Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HE is always faithful, Even When we are not

Growing up, my mom was in and out of the hospital a lot. She had Asthma, COPD, and problems with her bowels. It was always something, and she would go to the hospital for usually no less than a week at a time, and it was always unexpected.

After awhile, we because desensitized to it. Don't think we didn't care, because we did, and still do, but it became normal to see my mom in a hospital bed at least once a year.

Then my dad. He wasn't in anywhere near as often, but as he has gotten older, it's starting to be an every 2-3 year thing for him too.

I rarely get scared anymore.

Well, with the exception of his stroke scare last spring.

But really, other than that, I don't fret.

Why? Well, because they ALWAYS come out ok. Each of my parents have had a few times where the doctor swore up and down they had some debilitating, fatal disease, only to have it be nothing. Un explained nothing, but nothing none the less. Even when every symptom or test said otherwise, it was always nothing, or something that was so minor, it could be corrected easily.

I used to think the doctors were dumb.

Then one day, I dreamt I was walking with God and he asked me, "Why do you think the doctors, who by the way, I created to be intelligent and thorough, would make a mistake? How do you know that I didn't answer your prayers for healing? I AM God, you know. nothing is out of my reach or realm of possibilities".

And, it was like a light went off. 

Twice in one year, we've had scares, and up until I asked today, I knew one had been an answer of healing from God, But when I hung up with my mom today, I knew this one was too.

After running the test on the biopsy they took on Friday THREE times, and all symptoms pointing to yes, and all symptoms going away after taking the medicine to "fix" the ailment, they have found my mom does NOT have the "devastating" Eye disease.

My Prayers have been answered. Proving once again, even though I have not been faithful,

HE has.

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Sarah said...

I totally agree...well said. I think that so many times we don't realize the miracles that God is working in our live. What an answer to prayer God gave to you with your mom's news this week! :)))