Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

It's that time again. Although, I didn't do one last week. Can't really remember why....

I need some ginkgo galboba.

Today's 13 are courtesy to all that's on my mind right.this.very.moment.

1. I am a neurotic person. With a touch of OCD, but that's something for another day. Anyway, it doesn't take much to stoke the fires of my neurotic and paranoid tendencies. Last Thursday, I was at lunch in the lunch room. My boss and the lady who thinks she's my boss (who my really boss lets just be the boss) were in the lunch room talking. My phone rang, I left the room to be polite to take my call. When I came back, they were talking, and while they both saw me enter, the boss who's allowed to play my boss says, "My sister is coming up for three weeks starting next week. She's coming in the office to help out. I figure, we're going to need it until I can find a replacement fo..." that's when she trailed off and nonchalantly said "She's going to help me with some projects". Ever since then, I have felt dread because I just know someone is getting fired. While the other 4 girls all have just as much reason to get canned as I do (Including one who has been out of vacation/sick time since the beginning of summer, yet was off the whole first part of that week due to illness), I am so worried it's me. 

2. I have absolutely no work to do at work. I have done all my work, side projects, "busy work" projects, dusting, filing, cleaning, and covering for others while they run to the bathroom etc. I have asked my boss and the lady who plays my boss, if there was anything they wanted me to help with, or do, and all I got was "No, thank you." Which only adds to my paranoia that I'll be the one getting the axe. People always get fired on paydays. Tomorrow is payday. I guess I have to wait until then.

3. I hate "fighting" with Bee. Things have been going swimmingly. So good, in fact, that it was almost like that newness of dating was back. Then, last night, I started to make a comment, that was in no way intended to be mean/snarky/fight-starting. In fact, it was an innocent comment that I was going to turn into a joke, and he cut me off before I could get to that part because he thought I was trying to start a fight. I stayed calm and kept trying to finish my original thought so he could see I wasn't meaning anything with my comment, but he kept cutting me off and getting more frustrated. Which made ME frustrated, and then we really were arguing. 

4. We kissed and made up, which makes me happy, and we did it before bed because neither one of us like to go to bed angry. However, it comes back to the fact he doesn't listen to me sometimes, and he cuts me off a lot. It's called patience!

5. I can't really come down on him too hard. I am sooo guilty of the same thing when he's talking. Not always, but it's been known to happen. Ok, it probably happens as much as he does it to me.

6. We are going out of town for an All-Star game on Saturday. Bee is super excited because he didn't get to go last year. He is also going and representing his new team, the Midwest Rams!

7. His inability to go last year has caused his unadulterated HATE for the circus and all things circus related.

8. #7 makes me giggle. Because seriously? H-A-T-E for the circus.

9. I really wanted to go this weekend and stay overnight. Kinda like a little get a way for the two of us since we were going anyway. However, money is tight and we won't be able to spend the night, so we are going and coming back the same day. Since there is no chance to turn it into a romantic get a way, we are taking Big Country and the Punchin Pollack (two guys from the team) with us.  I get to spend 7 hours round trip in an already stinky Explorer with 3 linemen. Awesome. (Seriously though,  I love all three of them!)

10. I really am excited to go. I get to be childless A-L-L    D-A-Y! Plus, I get to hang out with adults! The kids are super excited because my parents are coming out Friday to spend the night so they can be with the kids all day since we won't be home until late late Saturday night. They were going to come out around 7 or 8pm, but C asked to call them last night to see if they could come out and spend all day FRIDAY with them too (they don't have school). My parents were overjoyed!

11. I am overjoyed too! Because I can spend time with my mama and poppy, they are bringing me groceries, and because the kids are as excited to see them as I am (I think it's because besides the fact they like my parents, my parents always bring them presents in the form of toys or treats and spoil them :)  )

12. Bee is going to get me pumpkins on Sunday after C's playoff game. And Corn Stalks too!

13. Saturday is Sweetest day. I want to get something for Bee. Something small, but something none the less. Maybe candy and a Card. Last year, he went on and on about not getting me anything because it's a totally made up holiday to guilt guys out of money. Then, when we got home that night, he pulled one of these out of his truck and gave it to me. He told me it was a non-sweetest day present since I just moved in to my apartment on the 16th floor, I could use it for groceries. ;) He's a good man!

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